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Top 5 Toughest Roosters

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    Luke Keary, gotta give prop for smaller blokes to go week in week out against 110+kg monsters and not giving an inch. Love Sam Moa too, his run with us are memorable.


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      The single toughest Rooster I have seen is Cordner. He plays week in week out with chronic injuries, and still manages to consistently hit the line harder than just about any player I have ever seen. Watch his last 3 steps. There is never a soft tackle either, he puts everything in - every time. The guy is a football god.

      Horrie, McGahan, Fitzy, Luke Phillips, JWH, and Minnie get honourable mentions.
      Originally posted by jism
      I saw Reynolds crying in front of me after the game and yelled out 'WHAT ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT?!?!? GO SAY SORRY TO COOPER YOU GRUB!!!' He looked up at me with a pretty broken looking face.


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        Probably Cordner is not the toughest Rooster I have seen but perhaps the toughest footballer I have seen in my lifetime.

        I will get back to you re the other 4, it's not easy picking 4 guys from 37 years of Roosters teams that I remember.....
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        Very easy to understand Zac so I'll spell it out. Bondi Boy wants Menzies to reincarnate and run the labour party.
        Meanwhile ISM is out looking for Harold Holt and a dingo with a snorkel an digging holes in Griffith wearing an Al Grassby tie


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          A guy like Morley was hard. A guy his size playing against mostly smaller men. Is this really tough? What about guys like Friend, Keary and Toovey playing against guys the size of Morley. I'd consider them a lot tougher than a big bloke like Morley.

          Don't confuse hard with tough.


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            Terry Regan. He never gave an inch.


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              Off the top of my head I'll go:


              I was a bit young to appreciate Bunny Reilly but word was he was one of the toughest to lace on our boots pound for pound.
              My friend keeps saying "Cheer up mate it could be worse. You could be stuck underground in a hole full of water". I know he means well.


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                Morley , Bunny Reilly , Stumpy Stevens , Trevor Gilmeister and Mick Crocker.


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                  Freddy might surprise a few but once he became a leader and captain he always lead by example with or without the ball and put his body on the line. Trained hard no shortcuts and demanded the same of his teammates. A "quiet" tough Rooster. Played through injuries.
                  My friend keeps saying "Cheer up mate it could be worse. You could be stuck underground in a hole full of water". I know he means well.


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                    Bunny Reilly
                    Johnny Mayes
                    Kevin Hastings
                    Luke Phillips
                    Royce Ayliife.


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                      1. Kevin Hastings- undoubtably

                      2. Adrian Morley

                      3. Boyd Cordner

                      4. Anthony Minichiello

                      5. Hugh McGahan

                      All very tough and all only played NRL for Roosters


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                        Hugh McGahan
                        Robert Simpkins
                        Luke Phillips
                        Trevor Gillmeister
                        Boyd Cordner

                        Plenty of others could have made the list also.
                        Born and bred in the eastern suburbs.


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                          Originally posted by Smee View Post
                          Terry Regan. He never gave an inch.
                          he was one tough mofo


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                            Originally posted by Chookies74 View Post

                            he was one tough mofo
                            Regan was a lunatic,his idea of warming up was running around the dressing room headbutting lockers and whatever else he could get his hands on


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                              Too many to name. Agree with all those mentioned. Might also add Salvo. He gave his all at a time when the club didn't have success.

                              Whenever I want to be critical of a player I'm always reminded of the difference between sitting here at the keyboard and actually getting out there and doing it.

                              Interesting comparing toughness over the ages. These days they're bigger, faster, fitter; but in the old days they were poorly paid and also had to work for a living. And they didn't have cameras at every ground as a guard against illegal play.


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                                Nigel Plum lol. The bloke was largely talentless and only good for being a battering ram and a tackle machine. You may as well have Shaun Fensom and Dallas Johnson in your team as well R6.

                                According to google, “tough” is something or someone strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough handling.

                                So, with that in mind, I would have to say players like Aubusson, Friend, Cordner, Minichiello and Ricketson would have to be my top 5. Durable, weathered, and played almost anywhere and everywhere.

                                - Cooper Cronk' scapula.