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is Daniel Tupou a Roosters great?

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    A definite YES from me!!


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      Love the Toops!

      Wouldn't swap him for any other left winger atm.


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        I love the guy with the following caveats:

        1. Toops, you're a big guy, use your size more effectively when hitting the ball up
        2. If you're not going to do point number 1, then don't let yourself get dragged back so far and so often
        3. It's OK to smile occasionally, especially when you score a try

        "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

        Thomas Jefferson


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          Yes! Shouldn't be a conversation

          Any player who wins and scores in two premierships is a Roosters legend for the history books

          On track to be a one club player himself - hope if he ever is to move on he plays in the Super League, would hate to see him player in another NRL Jumper.

          Could be a Roosters 250+ player, many memorable trys for the highlight reels in the time he had with us so far


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            It's a yes from me. Saves his best performances for when it counts - the high pressure end of season games. And that's when you need a bloke to be at his best. Never forget the absolute bath he gave David Williams in the 2013 GF, who is still to surface from his recurring nightmare.

            Stays with the Chooks for unders and loves our great club.
            Roll on Season 2017 ...


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              Originally posted by Thirteen View Post
              Two time grand final winner and scorer in each. Of course he is a club legend. I doubt opposition teams like playing against him.
              From memory, he was our first try scorer in both of those grand final wins.


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                Toups replaced SKD as my 2nd favourite Rooster behind Aubbo


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                  When he turned the Wolfman into a eunuch in front of the whole country was my person favourite Toups moment.


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                    Originally posted by Horrie Is God View Post
                    When he turned the Wolfman into a eunuch in front of the whole country was my person favourite Toups moment.
                    I donít think The Wolfman has been spotted since the 2013 grand final.


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                      Heís getting there...


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                        Originally posted by The Skeez View Post
                        I am still confused why Cronk doesnít do those curling back cross field kicks to the big guy more. High percentage play.

                        Cronk did do one on Sat night but they have been few and far between.
                        Saving it for grand final day...


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                          Toops generally causes me far too much stress for me to have ever considered him in this light. But, gee, he is building a compelling argument, isn't he? Still, I'll sit on the fence for now and see what happens next. But, I will say this - it's been noticeable that he is standing up and trying to do more of the tough work while we are a few senior players short. We may see the best of him these next couple of years. And if we do, I'll get off the fence and declare him a great then!


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                            Originally posted by HBK View Post
                            Daniel Tupou has never really been the club's premier winger (he was overshadowed by RTS and then Fergo), but he has still accomplished quite a lot since debuting at the end of 2012. Two premierships, and a try in each grand final. One Australian appearance. Played all three games in NSW's drought-breaking 2014 triumph. On track to bring up 150 games this season. 80 first grade tries (9th all time for the club).

                            So is he a club great? Perhaps not a star, but maybe a hardworking, dependable legend like Friendy/Maubs/Ricko?
                            He's a two time premiership winner (a try in each premiership) who has represented NSW and Tonga. On multiple occasions he has taken a pay cut or a significantly lower offer than his open market value to stay with us.

                            During his time he's brought stability to a position where we have sometimes lacked depth. He's also combined with (and arguably mentored) a bunch of superstars in his time.

                            Off the field he's never had any BS incidents... on the field he's a clean player... sometimes a bit too clean I'd argue. If the refs grew some cojones every once in a while (i.e. actually called some of the dangerous contact he's copped) he may be a far more dominant player. However, he still scores a lot of tries and causes defensive lines plenty of headaches. In recent years he's bulked up and started doing Fergo-style hard hit-ups too.

                            Club legend? I think folklore is yet to be spoken of the legend that this current era is becoming. However, surely the history books will be kind to this kinda record? Add to it the potential for 250+ games and tries in 3+ premierships, the sky's the limit with Toops. Along with Friend, Cords, JWH and Maubs he's one of a select few who are in line for a possible 3rd or 4th premiership with Easts depending on how the cookie crumbles. Even without them, his current accolades are significant enough to earn him a place in Roosters history.


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                              Many here would consider Mitchell Pearce a club great

                              lets see, Toops has won one more premiership, has a far better origin record, has played an official test match for his country, has stayed loyal to the club on less than half the coin, is a pleasure to speak too and has never dragged this clubs name through the ringer.

                              based on those principles alone yes he is
                              Bringer of Rain, Embrace the Hate, Freedom for All


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                                Toops a club great is ridiculous. He's a finisher.



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