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    Originally posted by novice chook View Post

    I am a chook, not a rooster. And you are right, I hate losing to the Filthy Vermin more than anyone else in the comp. And win lose or draw, if I am at the game, one has to disinfect afterwards. If you are attending, please consider having your annual cleanse and refresh beforehand, including a good brush of the gums.
    To put it in to perspective, PRIDE is at the dinner table - you only get one guess as to which one he is
    "Do you expect me to talk"? "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die".


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      Originally posted by 007 View Post

      Swing low, Sweet Chariot is a chant for the English Rugby team. Glory Glory as 117 said is Man.Utd's team song. 'waaaalk throoough a stooorm' is a song by Gerry and the Pacemakers called 'You'll Never Walk Alone' which is Liverpool's team song. Players (yes Rugby League) from Australia enjoy playing in front of English crowds because of the chants and the atmosphere. Any of those mentioned sure beats the crap out of "Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oi Oi Oi. Seriously how pathetic is that - it is embarrassing to say the least!
      oh no it isn't !
      But it's not a song.
      It's a chant.
      A chant best done as a warcry!
      Face the chant it loudly ... with closed fist.
      Chant it in an "I am Aussie hear me roar" deep meaninful type voice.
      Like you're warcying it at the
      " We all shagged Matilda" Barmy Army cricket singers.

      The "You're the convicts, you're the convicts, you're the convicts over there" Barmy Army.

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        Our Roosters "Easts To Win" song is the equivalent of those english team songs.
        And Waltzing Matilda for our national song.
        'Matilda' is the swagman's bedroll/swag.
        LOL at the Barmy Army.