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JWH on report for a 'trip'?

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  • JWH on report for a 'trip'?

    I watched live, what was this 'trip'? Didn't see it and didn't see the ref put anybody on report.

    All I saw was JWH tackle a guy without the ball, purely because he'd lined the guy up, the guy dropped the ball and then JWH tackled him afterwards (instead of bending down to pickup the ball) because he didn't think the guy would be stupid enough to drop it. That was just a straight out penalty though, no report...etc.

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      Jimmy Roberts had the ball and stepped JWH. JWH put his right arm out and made contact. He also made contact with his right leg. Wasn't put on report.


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        Seriously. He will probably miss the pre-lim for that?
        Like Robbo said “trial by media has already started “
        We can win without him, albeit tough assignment.
        Siua came back last night and will be better for the run.
        Iceman was great last night. We will be ok.
        Like deja vu. Last year losing Latrell for the pre-lim. This year looks like it’s Jared.


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          Having an arm there should be enough to constitute a tackle
          Once you’ve had fat, you’ll never turn back


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            one angle it does look a bit dodgy. Tend to agree with Robbo trial by tv, and surely he wont get done for that?

            hopefully the MRC are too busy looking into all the chokeholds, head slams and facials by the vermin.
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              Originally posted by The Skeez View Post
              Having an arm there should be enough to constitute a tackle
              It's the Alfie Langer rule, isn't it?

              It all depends on whether his tackling arm was in contact at the time.

              At least Lindsay Collins has been playing like a mini JWH of late so he'll likely get his chance in the Prelim for a 2nd year running.


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                Originally posted by Tommy Smith View Post
                It's the Alfie Langer rule, isn't it?
                I noticed Souths doing that Alfie judo style trip last night

                Once you’ve had fat, you’ll never turn back


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                  Fukking Jimmy the Joke!!!!

                  Seriously... I reckon we need a review of what you can miss a game for because if charged, the NRL Judiciary would be under a heap of pressure not to let JWH 'get off twice'.

                  Say a front rower did accidentally trip a player when being stepped by a centre who prides himself on being one of the fastest in the game. How is that anything more than a free kick?

                  In my option, suspensions should really only be for:
                  - On-field assaults (e.g. punching, kicking, eye gouging, squirrel grips...etc).
                  - Horrible tackles that are intentional or reckless and could pretty darn obviously put somebody in a wheelchair. Not 'oooops the forearm slipped and made contact with his chin while he was flopping down' kinda territory... more like... 'OMG why did he do that?!?!? What a grub!!!' kinda territory.
                  - Professional fouls. For example if the Roosters were down, Jimmy the Joke got a serious break and JWH went and intentionally tripped him then fair cop. When we're up by a looot, Jimmy's desperately trying to slip his man and he ends up running into the leg of a confused front rower. Forget about it... free kick and move on.

                  IMO anything accidental or careless should not result in anything other than a free kick. There's cameras everywhere and mistakes are made.


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                    Here we go again, all the doomsdayers getting their crutchless undies in a twist about what the NRL is going to do about the JWH trip. Will they given him 3 weeks so the Roosters dont win the comp?
                    Wake up to yourselves he will get a fine & be ready for the knockout game to go into the GF. The NRL & the judiciary love JWH that's why they keep letting him off & deservedly.
                    Originally posted by Chook;n805564
                    Why the fark anyone takes any notice of modern media is beyond me. It's all click bait populist crap aimed at the lowest common denominator.



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                      Trip? Yes.

                      Was he just off balance when he stuck his leg out is the question.

                      Gus said there’s nothing in it.


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                        do we find out today if hes cited or end of the weekend?


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                          I think he will be ok he makes first contact with his arm. I know how important he's to our team but I think we can cover for him if he misses a game in the worst case scenario. SST looked hungry and fired up and Liu was brilliant using his footwork .


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                            Charged. Will miss one game.


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