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Who do you go for in Origin?

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  • Who do you go for in Origin?

    With representative round this weekend and no Roosters game this weekend, the Pen is getting restless.

    Opinions are divided because we donít have a common team to follow. Some enjoy Origin, some think it ruins the middle part of the season. And now we also have multiple internationals being played as well.

    Keen to see your thoughts, donít be shy.

    Me, I like Origin. Itís the best players all on the paddock on a Wednesday (Sunday) night. I donít invest too much into it but will always watch it and stay loyal to NSW.
    Neither. Go the Chooks
    Used to be NSW. Go Easts
    Used to be QLD. Go Roosters
    Get out of the way, I'm next

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    I will be honest, I am starting to get over Origin. The Latrell omission and Freddy's weird selections (okay its really Gus Could), has left an ugly taste in my mouth.

    I was a proud Blue but I hope they get well and truly flogged this weekend not that I like Qld but more I am protesting against Gus'Gould's agenda driven meddling.....

    I remember someone saying in another thread, I think it was Zachary, origin was at its pinnacle when Roy and HG provided the sound track to the contest and there was plenty of Biff and the best players in the comp played it.

    Nowadays there is no biff and over half the best players either play for Tonga, Eng, NZ, Samoa or are injured, made themselves unavailable (in the case of Pearce) or have been dropped.............
    Originally posted by The Axe View Post
    Very easy to understand Zac so I'll spell it out. Bondi Boy wants Menzies to reincarnate and run the labour party.
    Meanwhile ISM is out looking for Harold Holt and a dingo with a snorkel an digging holes in Griffith wearing an Al Grassby tie


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      I hope QLD dump the blues, teaching them a lesson in the process
      "Astroturf? You know who's responsible for that, don't you?! The Jews! Ah, the Jews hate grass. They always have, they always will."

      George Costanza (Jason Alexander), Seinfeld


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        Iíd rather NSW win but all I really hope for is that the roosters players play well and donít get injured


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          I usually donít care but I went for NSW last season because Fittler picked a side you could get behind.

          This season Fittler hasnít done that and Walters is being a dickhead so I wish they both could lose.


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            Due to freddy's actions, I now hope NSW lose 3 nil.


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              Generally a Blues supporter, but this year I hope they flogged in the next 2 games, thanks to Fittler and Gould and the totally inept and corrupt NSW set up. I'd like Boyd and Teddy to play well and not get injured, and that's it. I'm not even planning to watch the 9 coverage of the game itself, MMM radio call will do me just fine.
              Roll on Season 2017 ...


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                Always the Blues but have never been particularly passionate about it. Even less so this year.

                But with Captain Courageous at the helm I can't barrack for Queensland. Go Blues.
                I ordered a chicken and an egg off Amazon. I'll let you know.


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                  Fark the Blues, well for this year anyway.

                  Sorry Cords and Teddy, luv u guys but your coach is a tool and his cronies are farckwits and Gus Gould can go to hell...

                  I loved what Freddy did as a footballer, should be an immortal imo, but has a man manager and a coach he is a fail...
                  Originally posted by boogie

                  "There's a lot of people competing for title of dumbest chookpen member such as Tommy S, Rusty, Johnny, ROC, Tobin but without a doubt you are the worst, youre thick as a brick christ this is the dumbest thing I've read in a long time you should go back to supporting the panthers"


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                    Don't understand some of the selections at all, but I'll be cheering the Blues on. Would love to see Teddy MoM in Perth and Boyd hold the Shield up in Sydney.

                    Funny things can happen - maybe the Blues win; Wighton's injured; Latrell takes Chambers to school in Adelaide; Latrell gets MoM in Game 3.

                    No point crying over spilt milk.


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                      I canít see a Blues win with 2 very average front rowers, no front rower on the bench and two guys unfamiliar with defending at centre. Iíll be there supporting the Blues so I hope I am wrong.


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                        I like Origin & always go for the Blues but I cant see them beating Qld in Perth. Having the best halfback & 5/8 in the world will get Qld the win.
                        Geez I wish the Roosters could get DCE across to take over from Cronk.


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                          I hate QLD so wonít be going for them. I hope Teddy and Boyd have blinders. I also hope the NSW centres have shockers and Gus is left speechless in the commentary box!


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                            With Walker getting dropped and Reynolds not considered before the series started. Im not suporting the Blues even though Cook and Murray are playing.

                            If i was a Rooster supporter i would be most upset over the treatment of Mitchell. Poor form from Fittler.


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                              Originally posted by mightyrooster View Post
                              I hate QLD so wonít be going for them. I hope Teddy and Boyd have blinders. I also hope the NSW centres have shockers and Gus is left speechless in the commentary box!
                              Won't happen...even when he's speechless he still manages "No no, no, no, no..."...
                              I ordered a chicken and an egg off Amazon. I'll let you know.