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    Originally posted by Rooster89 View Post
    Hahaha its funny how much we demand perfection no matter how our team is put together due to our success .... i got friends that go for Parra and Tigers and they have to go through this weekly. I dont envy them. We'll be fine. We need to get some key players back in key positions so everyone knows their roles
    It would help our cause if we stopped resting key players. Particularly when there is a bye the next week.


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      Originally posted by Smee View Post

      Correctamundo. We gave up the ghost in this game. And we have done in the past when things went against us.
      I give them credit on not getting 50 put on them, that about it, and on Teddy...

      the guy is an absolute freak, his energy is outstanding, his commitment with and without the ball should be enough to inspire the whole team. How he has comeback from his knee injuries in the past is probably due to the work he does meticulously, if we sign anybody long term, this is the first guy in line, superstar, and every other accolade that can be said about him,should be.

      Do I love him? I think I do.


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        Originally posted by Smee View Post

        Ah, but the two points tonight could be the difference between a home semi and not. Let's face it, when we play away we are murdered by the officials.
        We were next to no chance once Keary got injured. Not one of our first choice 6 7 and 9 and first time the replacements are together in those positions 6 minutes in. If that happens to any team away from home, they will get flogged......
        Originally posted by The Axe View Post
        Very easy to understand Zac so I'll spell it out. Bondi Boy wants Menzies to reincarnate and run the labour party.
        Meanwhile ISM is out looking for Harold Holt and a dingo with a snorkel an digging holes in Griffith wearing an Al Grassby tie