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Great Article by Gus

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    Originally posted by Insider View Post
    Gould has an astonishing knowledge of the players in the game,dont think for a minute he had to read the chookpen to get his information for that article. When Goulds dad passed away a few years ago I attended the funeral service at St Andrews in SW Sydney and Nick was amongst the mourners,they are very close. A few on here sing the praises of Uncle and at the same time deride Gould as some sort of satanic figure who was detrimental to the club and game. Well NP certainly doesn't share your POV for a very good reason,you are simply wrong.
    I appreciate your informative post Insider. I don't think may of us would seriously doubt the football nous of Gus. He has been a great motivator, a father like figure to Freddy and played a wonderful role in the 90's revival of the Roosters. Yet most of that article he wrote, which is a great one for our club, has already been pointed out on this forum. He probably wouldn't need to read it here but plenty of journos check through the club forums for additional information. But it was refreshing to see him write something positive about us as his commentary often leads the other way. It's always puzzled me as to why.