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Great Article by Gus

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    Originally posted by bondi paul View Post
    Indeed it’s a great read that’s all inclusive of the facts however the story has been written before by another whereas Gould has written a updated and more statistical story based on the original. Journalistic plagiarism by Gus however this read for the masses will only further the socio demographic hang up and dislike.
    I think you've nailed it Bondi Paul. I'd say Gus has been reading this forum for his research.

    It's often been stated how many of the 2016 U-20's premiers have thrived under further development with our senior side.

    Radley, Butcher, Faamausili, Touponiua four forwards who've made first grade is a great achievement for the boys and the coaching staff. Joey Manu has gone onto to senior international honours. Others like Movorovski have played first grade at the Roosters and now the Tigers. And Bernard Lewis is finding form after having last season stolen from him by injury. He scored two tries on the weekend which will help his confidence.

    And not forgetting Latrell who was thrust into first grade due in 2016 due to Fergo asking not to play fullback. Otherwise Latrell would have been part of the 2016 premiers. One of the great qualities of that side was their ability to run down big points deficits with magical comebacks. It takes a lot of spirit to do that. And it now shows with the young players mixing it in the NRL.

    So yes Gus..good article. But it's already been written on this forum.


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      Originally posted by Frozen Chook View Post

      Bondi Boy this subject has been discussed in detail on this forum. It is pleasing that Phil Gould has expanded on the subject.

      The latest variation
      • Frozen Chook
        Frozen Chook
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        10-06-2018, 09:44 PM
        If we look at our current first grade squad and grand final team(in bold) the success of the club is based on a long term succession planning process of players developed at the club, signing key players in the middle ground of the games playing stock, some who are at times on the outer at their club and a very small number of well-established players.

        Even if we look at our Coach, Trent Robinson, he came to us as a relatively untested coach by NRL standards.

        Many current sports journalists (the regurgitators) don’t want to do the research required for their jobs and to quote a former Prime Minister they are like a dog returning to its own vomit which has a vintage from the early 70’s.

        The only continuum throughout the nearly fifty years of this tired old rerun of a story is the son of Greek migrants, Nick Politis, who built a very successful business and football club. Nick saw all of the potential models of how success could be achieved including the super mid 70’s team, the transit lounge era and the game’s Super League misadventure.

        Now we have a model based on developing a core of young players supported by strategic signings of key players to compliment the maturing footballers and a number of signings of mid-range players.

        Nick has always struck me as a fiercely independent person and it doesn’t surprise me that he has found himself at times at odds with the NRL establishment and the media sycophants and hanger ons.

        Over the forty odd years I have followed Easts I have never spoken to Nick until this year when I was by myself in the stand at the Penrith trial and Nick passed by down the steps, when he turned and saw an Easts supporter he came back up said hello and shook by hand to check in on how we would go this year.

        We both agreed on one thing that was to eventuate last week.

        What do they say about football and the 1 percenters?

        Developed at Easts SG BALL – under 20’s – etc. or debuted at Easts

        Bernard Lewis
        Billy Smith
        Joseph Manu
        Brendan Frei
        Lachlan Lam
        Latrell Mitchell
        Sean O'Sullivan
        Boyd Cordner
        Brock Gray
        Dylan Napa
        Eloni Vunakece
        Jake Friend
        Joshua Curran
        Lindsay Collins
        Mitchell Aubusson
        Matt Ikuvalu
        Isaac Liu
        Paul Momirovski
        Poasa Faamausili
        Reuben Porter
        Sitili Tupouniua
        Victor Radley

        Players who were not wanted by their clubs or late-early stage of their careers

        Blake Ferguson
        Daniel Tupou
        Reece Robinson
        Frank-Paul Nuuausala
        Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
        Kurt Baptiste
        Nat Butcher
        Mitchell Cornish
        Ryan Matterson
        Siosiua Taukeiaho
        Zane Tetevano

        Major signing of established and successful NRL first graders-rep players

        Cooper Cronk
        James Tedesco
        Luke Keary
        + More Options
      Gus certainly went to a four-year-old post on here to write his article. Goes without saying.


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        Great article from Gus and he'll always be a Roosters hero.
        One of my favourite games was in, I think, 1995, last round v, I think, Norths. Gus's first year as coach. We won the game and if the Gold Coast beat somebody we would have made the semis. Their score came up near the end of the game with the Gold Coast ahead and pretty much the whole crowd was chanting: 'Gold Coast! Gold Coast!' Alas, they couldn't hold on, but the next four years were terrific.


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          Originally posted by Johnny Tobin View Post

          Gus certainly went to a four-year-old post on here to write his article. Goes without saying.
          Sarcasm alert..
          We play this game for all of us
          We play it from the soul!

          (Jack Gibson, 2002)


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            Gould has an astonishing knowledge of the players in the game,dont think for a minute he had to read the chookpen to get his information for that article. When Goulds dad passed away a few years ago I attended the funeral service at St Andrews in SW Sydney and Nick was amongst the mourners,they are very close. A few on here sing the praises of Uncle and at the same time deride Gould as some sort of satanic figure who was detrimental to the club and game. Well NP certainly doesn't share your POV for a very good reason,you are simply wrong.


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              Gus missed Jack Hetherington at the Panthers who played NYC at the Roosters


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                Posted in 2015 - Posted to the Telegraph's to Paul Crawley (from me)
                (Phil Gould jumped on my band wagon shortly after)


                Originally posted by "gaz" View Post
                Last week in response to the Crawley files, I posted the following comment.
                It seemed to be quite a popular comment in receiving the most likes (26)
                So I am glad Gus had read them and spoke up on the Roosters defence.


                Didn't see Roosters snap up Merrin/ DCE/ Foran in the last months bidding wars- this is where the salary cap goes. Roosters don't pay overs for these type of players.

                Gould is now doing it at Penrith, Develop the youngsters and look for smart buys (Like Jamie Soward)

                Looking at the Roosters top squad most of these players made there debuts at the Roosters. No names that the Roosters went into a bidding war for.

                1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck - First Grade Debut Roosters
                2. Daniel Tupou - First Grade Debut Roosters
                3. Michael Jennings - Penrith discard (Contract partially paid by former club)
                4. Blake Ferguson - NRL discard
                5. Shaun Kenny-Dowall - First Grade Debut Roosters
                6. James Maloney - ex Storm/Warriors
                7. Mitchell Pearce - First Grade Debut Roosters
                8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves - 2009 Manly First Grade debut - joined Roosters year after
                9. Jake Friend - First Grade Debut Roosters
                10. Sam Moa - Unheard of from Super League
                11. Boyd Cordner - First Grade Debut Roosters
                12. Aidan Guerra - First Grade Debut Roosters
                13. Isaac Liu - First Grade Debut Roosters

                14. Mitchell Aubusson - First Grade Debut Roosters
                15. Dylan Napa - First Grade Debut Roosters
                16. Kane Evans - First Grade Debut Roosters
                17. Sio Siua Taukeiaho - First Grade Debut Roosters



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                  Originally posted by Horry View Post
                  I think someone else wrote it and Gould just did cut and paste!

                  Been happening for years. That someone else supports the tricolours.

                  Born and bred in the eastern suburbs.


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                    Originally posted by "gaz" View Post
                    Posted in 2015 - Posted to the Telegraph's to Paul Crawley (from me)
                    (Phil Gould jumped on my band wagon shortly after)


                    100 % correct but didn't sst play 1 for the warriors ? god how bad is their recruitment letting sst go ?? haha i see canberra have picked up a good one too in nicoll-klostad from them too, absolutely the worst recruitment / retention bar rts


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                      Originally posted by mattyh View Post
                      we as a club owe gus a lot, pretty grim times the decade before he arrived with a player who as i recall could play a bit.
                      His success as a coach in the Origin arena shows he's no mug. I hate it when he goes on and on with the one point during commentary though.


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                        Gould has left Penrith...........


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                          When I saw this article a few days ago my first thought was is Gus about to leave Penrith and come back to East or possibly to the Sharks as I'm sure he lives around the Shire.
                          I don't think we need or want him but wouldn't be too upset to see him come home.
                          When he calls footy he secretly seems to love us.


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                            he still has a great football brain, but so does robbo, gus problem is personality and ego. he may be useful as a sounding board, but nothing more imo. for what its worth he was probably correct re bennett, cleary is doing nothing and his son is overrated beyond belief, decent firstgrader but not andrew johns.


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                              Originally posted by milanja View Post
                              Gould has left Penrith...........
                              I wonder if Anthony Griffin is having a celebration drink.
                              The 2 Clearys run Penrith now. I dont think success will come to the Panthers whilst Cleary is the coach.
                              Originally posted by Chook;n805564
                              Why the fark anyone takes any notice of modern media is beyond me. It's all click bait populist crap aimed at the lowest common denominator.



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                                It is clear that Phil Gould splits people down the middle about how they feel about him.

                                Like other posters I am thankful for his service to our club.

                                I have always enjoyed listening to Phil thoughts on the game in small audience events (post game talks when he was coaching) and his articles.

                                While there were plenty of people advocating the core message in the article on here, Phil developed the case further and took it into the mainstream media to challenge a core Roosters Myth.

                                When he switches into the entertainment mode, particularly when he is paired up with Ray Warren who offers so little and is painful to listen to, it doesn’t work for me though.