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Second team

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  • Second team

    Who on here has a second favorite team?

    Of course the Roosters will always be my team but I wouldnt be upset to see a side like Parra or the Raiders get up once in a while.

    How about you guys?
    Build the wall. Keep the Drug Lords out!

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    Whoever Souffs are playing !


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      Been practising your Viking clap sacksuit?
      Originally posted by Chook;n805564
      Why the fark anyone takes any notice of modern media is beyond me. It's all click bait populist crap aimed at the lowest common denominator.



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        Originally posted by Mickie Lane View Post
        Been practising your Viking clap sacksuit?
        Sorry my dear friend. I will be in RWB this weekend like every other weekend.

        I guess you will be staying in Sydney this Sunday when your two favorite teams clash. How on earth are you going to decide who to go for? You love them both dearly so I would hate to be in your shoes. Good luck tho mate, at least this weekend one of your two favorite teams are going to get up so you can feel like a winner!
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        Build the wall. Keep the Drug Lords out!


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          Yeah, 'second' favourite. You seem to sprout your first love being souffs and the Storm oh here all the time so pls forgive me for thinking the Roosters are your second (maybe even third) favourite team!

          Build the wall. Keep the Drug Lords out!


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            Second team would be
            Sydnet city roosters closely followed by.
            Eastern suburbs Roosters
            Least favourite team is the Rabbits closely followed by every other team in the comp


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              They are not my second or third team, but I do not have quite as much animosity for the Knights, or Tigers (but that might change if they sign Latrell).
              Obviously Souths are my most disliked side, closely followed by the Dragons, Bulldogs and Eels (cannot stand some of their supporters). The Broncos are up there too, as a carry over from the Australian Super League days. I like the Wigan Warriors or Huddersfield Giants in the English Super League.
              MRR or Rabid

              Some people believe supporting the Roosters
              is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed
              with that attitude. I can assure you it is
              much, much more important than that.

              (1981 Bill Shankly quote variation)