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Big Mac: old is new!

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  • Big Mac: old is new!

    Who does Ronald think hes fooling? We all know the Big Mac has progressively gotten smaller. Now for its anniversary they bring back the old bun size and call it new + jumbo sized. What a farce!!!

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    You are loco mate.


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      and charge you extra for bigger bun! not worth it, wont have another!


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        Originally posted by ism22 View Post
        Who does Ronald think hes fooling? !
        What about the rort called mchappy day?
        A huge cash cow for mcdonalds generated by free publicity and celebrities donating their time in the name of charity????
        What do they do......................donate a buck off one particular type of burger and spend the next few months counting the profit?


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          Who eats that crap ? havenít touched anything from Mc Donaldís since 1997.


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            ive been known to go in for a coffee when needed, just need to stay away from the other rubbish


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              Know that jingle off by heart - two all - beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun- Used to work at McDonalds when at High School during the times when the food was pre-cooked and thrown out after x amount of minutes if not sold - the waste of food was amazing- On meal breaks we would have to eat a McDonald meal out with the customers too.

              Haven't eaten McDonalds for yonks - last time was when they first had the Angus burger out on the way to UNE( Armidale ) at McDonalds in Singleton - on the way back we stopped in at a pub in Scone - they had a $10 lunch special - Soup of the day(Pumpkin) / Roast of the day(Roast beef / baked vegies/gravy) and dessert of the day (lemon meringue pie with custard and vanilla ice cream) - no dispute in what was the better meal - Scone pub won hands down.- they did sell a open hamburger with chips /salad and soft drink for $15

              Hard to get good hamburgers nowadays unlike the olden days one has to say - not many takeaway shops still exist and they don't know how to cook a good one either as use premade/store bought patties which are rather bland in their taste.

              Best to make them yourself at home to your own taste - even fish and chips have gone down hill too - hard to find a good chippie as well
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                Originally posted by King Salvo View Post
                - even fish and chips have gone down hill too - hard to find a good chippie as well
                Lifeboat at Brooklyn for fried or grilled fish chips and salad and other local seafood delights or if you are after the more tradional fried fish and chips the Burrill Lake fish and chip shop just south of Ulladulla is excellent.