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Its time to re draw the junior boundaries

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  • Its time to re draw the junior boundaries

    Its time to re -draw the junior boundaries in Sydney i reckon.

    By virtue of the fact that the west of Sydney has ballooned over the years, eg its resulted in Penrith. Parra with the largest junior bases.
    Sydney cannot expand to the east, so the Roosters have been blocked in so to speak. Back in the day ( late 1930's i think ? ) Easts lost a lot of their territory to Souffs.

    This of course led to Souffs over time outnumbering us in support numbers ( not to mention premierships because of the residential rule in place at the time)

    Demographics change, no one who lives in the city has a family with kids. Most of the top half of the east (our territory) has no interest in Rugby League.

    It's time ! , if done it would lead to long term support for the Roosters increasing. It would stop all the whineging from other clubs about our low junior numbers.
    When i hear other supporters say we have no juniors, i say we'd take over yours, and do a f*** lot better than you.

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    Bang on ! We need them back to stay competitive in the salary cap an a larger supporter base!


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      As the oldest RUGBY LEAGUE club "THE MIGHTY ROOSTERS" should have never been disadvantaged having less juniors in a so called ARL competition! But as the years gone by the disadvantage situation has no resolution for souths had the chance to give them back !?,they decided to build there junior base on the wrong side of anzac parade with a straight kick in the teeth to Uncle Nick!!! So Nick took those 5 junior clubs an transformed Sydney Roosters into the powerhouse rugby league club of the world! if we took back all our junior clubs ! It would be fair to say every club in the competition would be very scared of how consistently successful we would become if that did happen !Go the Mighty chookz!


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        Give our clubs back NRL!!!!!!!!! WE NEED THEM! Coogee wombats ,coogee dolphins ,maroubra lions etc etc.........!


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          Good thread to push forward 74. I wish a change could be made somehow. I am fairly sure our territory used to include the eastern beach suburbs right down to Chifley or La Perouse, and out to places like Pagewood, Eastlakes and Daceyville. If changes were to be made, hypothetically, then I would like us to lay claim to the lower and upper north shore area, given the Bears are not an NRL club anymore and they are currently our feeder club. While a lot of the north shore presents the same demographic challenges as the eastern suburbs, the upper north shore has quite a bit of good juniors territory. This could compliment our plans to get more involved with the central coast junior area. Anyway, this is my two cents worth.
          MRR or Rabid

          Some people believe supporting the Roosters
          is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed
          with that attitude. I can assure you it is
          much, much more important than that.

          (1981 Bill Shankly quote variation)


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            What the NRL have forgotten is that we are the EASTERN SUBURBS TEAM THE ROOSTERS!!! NOT north ,south or west !!! Give them back an piss off


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              We don’t need any of the territory or clubs people have mentioned. The Roosters have done pretty well over the last 23 years that the NRL has run he game. The Roosters are doing a fine job in recruitment, in fact clubs like Penrith & Parra can only look on and wish they could recruit as good as the Roosters. Tradionally in all sports around the world most of the participates at the top end come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds so the Roosters will always recruit from outside of the Eastern Suburbs.
              Originally posted by OMR;n823956
              You guys will soon be shot down by mickie lane for saying negative stuff about his much admired bunnies. So be gentle with your hatred for souffs as you might hurt his feelings too

              Originally posted by The Sack;n823995

              Watch out, you will get bombarded with gay and animal porn now. One sick individual.


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                Roosters should have gone ahead with their Harrington Park plan (New Club and Grounds etc) and took over group 6 as well. They are a recruitment club mainly as a result - after all you wont find many kids from Point Piper/Vaucluse/ Double Bay/ Watsons Bay/Bellevue Hill/ Rose Bay etc etc playing any type of sport including League with the Riff Raff


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                  We don't need any boundary redistribution. Those clubs are now Souths Juniors and just between un they are dying a slow death in terms of juniors playing.
                  Out minis were growing last tim I looked.

                  But RL is no longer based on supporting where you live, most of our supporters do not live in the East. The more successful we are the more supporters we will get.
                  The Internet is a place for posting silly things
                  Try and be serious and you will look stupid


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                    angus went toi private school at bellvue hill, playing union at school at scots he did play in the centres which is where we will see him play tonight in the uk, just hope he doesnt just get the ball and boot it down field?


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                      i don't agree with you guys that say having success on the field is enough. we have had lots of success in recent times. can you honestly say that our support has grown proportionately ?
                      over time the more people you represent means more supporters. our geographic area is too small; we need more.


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                        not all rooster fans live in the eastern suburbs many of us grew up there but live al over now, many are interstate or even overseas!