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Just a friendly reminder to everyone..

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  • Just a friendly reminder to everyone..

    To be kind to each other. And if you can't; I strongly encourage you to use the block function so you don't feel tempted to respond to other peoples negativity. The whole point of the discussion board here is to allow people to discuss and debate; people having varying opinions on the Roosters is what keeps the discussion active.

    This forum is not the place for you to express your issues with people surrounding interpersonal relationships. As mentioned above, if there is someone you don't get along with, please use the block/ignore function. I'll be keeping a closer eye on this over the next few weeks and if I need to hand out temporary suspensions or bans to people I will. Let's talk Roosters. Majority of the members are here to talk about the Roosters, so lets keep discussions about interpersonal and private relationships off the board.