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    Now that our beloved Chooks are out who do you think will win the comp & who would you like to see win the comp?

    If you dont care then dont post a reply.

    Obviously Melbourne are the favourites they are at full strength, they have quality in just about every position & are just a machine in how they work as a unit.
    To tell you the truth I feel sorry for who ever has to play them in the GF.

    For me I really hope Manly or Parra win the thing. Manly because I love what they have done this year bringing through unknowns who have fitted nicely around their top quality players & Parra because I think it would be great for the game.
    I remember when I was young in the 80's & Parra were a powerhouse club with the most supporters & the best players.
    If I had to pick 1 I would like to see Manly win it.
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    You guys will soon be shot down by mickie lane for saying negative stuff about his much admired bunnies. So be gentle with your hatred for souffs as you might hurt his feelings too

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    I'd love to see a Manly Parra GF but I feel Storm will beat souths comfortably in the big dance


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      I’m on the Parra bandwagon so long as the Vermin or Melbourne don’t win it’s a win for me. Parra can beat Melbourne I don’t think anyone else can, the week off is such a huge advantage tonight will be a great game the Roosters are out which is what everyone wanted.


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        NRL have tried hard to destroy the Storm/Roosters dominance. I took great joy in watching Storm win last year because I know all the corrupt NRL administrators would have been fuming. I am over the Storm now. They are weaker than recent Storm sides, even Bellamy has admitted that, and don't deserve a B2B courtesy of NRL rule change stupidity.

        For that reason, I am cheering on Manly. It would absolutely annoy the crap out of the NRL administrators having Manly rejoin the domination.


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          anyone but the centerlinkers
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            Manly or Melbourne

            Souffs, Parra and The Riff fans are fkn obnoxious
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              The only thing to stop the Storm taking it out is themselves.

              I’m on the Manly bandwagon now and hope what they done to us they do to South’s.

              Can’t see Parramatta winning it but it would be good for the game if they pull off 2 upsets.
              A Parramatta-Manly grand final would be the best outcome.


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                I'd like to see Parramatta win but my head is saying Melbourne.


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                  Don’t really care but the storm should be close to unbackable odds IMO. They’re just too well drilled and will be fresh after resting players plus the week off.


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                    Originally posted by The Brain View Post
                    anyone but the centerlinkers
                    Red, White and Bluesters!!!


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                      Originally posted by The Brain View Post
                      anyone but the centerlinkers
                      I second that motion. I would rather Melb go B2B than see the Vermin win ! ...but I prefer Manly to win


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                        Storm should win it in a canter, I would love to see Manly or Parra win it,,,,,,,,
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                          Realistically Storm over Souths quite comfortably although scores will look close.

                          Wish for a Manly v Parra GF with Parra winning.

                          Expect Souths to beat Manly next week in a close game with a fair bit of controversy.


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                            I couldn’t care less who wins the comp unless it’s the roosters, why would anyone actively hope to see another team win


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                              Panthers losing last week who were in my opinion the only team with any chance of beating the Storm has now opened up the draw on the other side. I think the Storm will win it easily, they should have too much for Penrith after a week off and will thrash probably Souths in the GF.