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2021 Premiership Motivation

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  • 2021 Premiership Motivation

    Thinking back on yesteryear…

    have we ever had such motivation to win the premiership than we do this season…

    Against all odds,
    Defying adversity,
    The Injuries,
    The retirements,
    The Debuts,
    The Inexperience,

    Jake friend & Boyd Cordner..
    will go down as 2 of the roosters greats,
    legend status is a hefty tag and a debate I don’t wish to entertain. But we can all agree, these 2 blokes are what is means to be a rooster.

    Brett Morris,
    the joy and professionalism this bloke has brought to the club goes well beyond what he has been able to show on the field.. and what we saw on the field… wow, what should have been!!

    Isaac Liu,
    The bigger, meaner looking Joey Manu… such a humble, yet professional part of roosters history. Whilst he may have never received the accolades he so thoroughly deserved according to many Us… I’m confident in saying we can all agree on how much we appreciate Isaac and what he brings to our team.

    keary & Collins..
    what could have been..
    bittersweet when watching what has become due to their cruel season ending injuries.

    whilst the future looks bright.. where could we have been presently had Keary and Collins not gotten injured.

    The Youth:
    Not only is it their chance to prove to themselves they have what it takes to make it in the NRL, it’s their chance to prove they have what it takes it in a professionally structured organisation such as ours.

    The guidance they are receiving from the senior boys, including those injured. Next up mentality.

    above all else.. they’re motivated for each other.

    They believe..
    Now it’s our turn!!

    Put down the pitch forks and pick up them flags!!
    it’s finals time Roosters Family.

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    Great thread Freeman.


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      Originally posted by FREEMAN89 View Post

      They believe..
      Now it’s our turn!!
      I believe!
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        I think a premiership is possible... they're always tough, but we're a chance.

        1. Titans
        2. Drizz/Bin Chickens
        3. Riff/Souffs
        4. Drizz/Bin Chickens/Eels/Knights

        I'd say our most likely path is...
        R1 - Titans
        R2 - Bin Chickens
        R3 - Riff
        GF - Drizz

        Least likely?
        R1 - Titans
        R2 - Bin Chickens
        R3 - Souffs
        GF - Knights

        End of the day I think that as a dark horse, we really just need to play what's in front of us. Our biggest strength is that we're not gonna fade away due to one or two injuries. Other teams might. Also, we've prepared quite well in order to have a solid roster available.


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          I like our forwards - a lot. Better than all apart from Melbourne when bench is brought into it.

          They say forwards win big matches.

          I can't wait to see what happens.

          We may even become the preferred choice for a lot of opposition fans. Actually, I doubt that.


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            I feel this year we're more energized than 2020 even though there's massive injury list. The boys seems more excited and looking forward to Finals so it's a positive sign.


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              Do it for Josh Morris
    ’ll be interesting to see


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                Originally posted by The Skeez View Post
                Do it for Josh Morris
                The one I forgot but the one who is just as important.

                imagine the overwhelming joy for Brett to watch his Twin brother win his maiden premiership at the same club together but best of all… our club!

                would be bittersweet though knowing he could have & should have been on the field to share the moment with him.


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                  Don’t forget Fitzy
                  Originally posted by The Sack;n823995

                  Watch out, you will get bombarded with gay and animal porn now. One sick individual.


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                    Great thread!


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                      My head says no (mainly because I think there are missed tackles, or mistakes in the backline) , but my heart says yes.
                      And I have backed them to win, with dollars out of my pocket, because I am greedy.
                      Enough said - go the Chooks - do the impossible !!!!


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                        You can bet your bottom $$$ that the Titans will be looking to exploit our aggro to get someone sin binned or sent off. They know we get emotional when we are niggled and studying the souths game don’t be surprised if they go for JWH and Radley trying to get them upset. If our guys bite instead of maintaining composure then our season is over. It will be a test of teddys captaincy to make sure our boys don’t get drawn into fights. We have a star studded team which can thrash these pansies but we have to play composed and with the utmost ball discipline to win.
                        “Soon will the present day order be rolled up, and a new one spread out in its stead”- (Baha’u’llah)


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                          we have one of the decent refs. we are playing a team that lays down when they are behind and also a team which does niggle. Composure, discipline, ball control and defence will win this
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