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Official Match Day Thread: Roosters v Titans

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  • Official Match Day Thread: Roosters v Titans

    Weeks ago we would have expected a 50 nil drubbing in this game. Our performances since the Melbourne game have been well below expectation. Robbo always comments that we are a squad and makes no excuses. So forget about who is missing and get behind whoever wears our jersey.

    Today we need to find some spark in attack. With our spine intact and our front rowers leading the way, there is no reason why we can’t put in a decent performance and fight off the cobwebs and find some form. The Titans may put up a fight but we need to get our own game right.

    Go Roosters!

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    Let’s get the little things right Defence, ball handling and building and sustaining pressure. I would love to see that.

    Go Easts!


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      go easts, can't see a hammering any win, any margin will do


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        the game will say a bit about where we're at. we need to turn up in our overalls and grind it out.

        all day easts, all day!


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          Just happy for a win today regardless of what it looks like (although an improved defensive effort and reduction in unforced errors would also be nice).


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            The biggest thing i want to see from the boys today is our improved Defence!! Been leaking way too many soft tries lately.. Will be a challenge today but we will win... i think. Cmon boys!


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              Yes, let's just focus on getting the win - sweet, ugly or otherwise. We have proven that we can grind them out when we have to and, while we could do that again today, winning well and pretty is much preferred!

              Despite our 'outs', we should still have enough 'cattle' on paper to take this one. Let's hope our younger players respond to the challenge, in the knowledge that some reinforcements are on their way back in the coming weeks, not to mention the pending return of SBW.

              Let's go out and get the job done today, and continue our steady build towards our three peat campaign.

              I tip the Roosters by eight.

              Easts to win!
              MRR or Rabid

              Some people believe supporting the Roosters
              is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed
              with that attitude. I can assure you it is
              much, much more important than that.

              (1981 Bill Shankly quote variation)


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                Lets all hope for a big debut from D. Fifita also!!


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                  Great Work 13!

                  With the amount of regulars out today, I hope Robbo has planned for a conservative approach to at least get the 2 points. If we manage to get some part of our groove to what we had up until the cows game, it will be a bonus. I would like it if we could get at least 20+ clear points as the storm is getting close to our differential tally and the Raiders aren’t too far behind and that could mean the difference between 1st and 4th at the end.

                  Go The Chooks!!


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                    Cant wait - back at our spiritual home with a day game. The sun was shining last year and I can still remember the game. A few different troops this year but at least a sunny bright day in Sydney today. Bring it on. Go Roosters.


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                      Anyone after 4 Tickets in Upper Oreilly inbox me and i will send them to you


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                        Am heading out there as per usual and am looking forward to a couple beers in the sun.

                        I chucked a tenner on the Tits at 11.5 as it seemed a decent emotional hedge for me, in a game I expect could go sideways.

                        Let’s hope I lose my money.
                        Making Steve Naughton look like Vince Mellars...


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                          Expecting a win but think it will be a hard tough grind , good luck to young Fifita in his debut , and let's pray for no more injuries. Roosters to win by 7.Field goal to Luke


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                            I want to see Flanagan run the ball today. Would love to see him dummy and score.

                            22-12 Chooks
                            Once you’ve had fat, you’ll never turn back


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                              We will be determined to get the win today back to the SCG after fluffing the Raiders game.

                              Not as much threat or points in our backline missing Toups and two Moz all at once. Need to win the power and yardage battle in the middle.

                              If Lachie gets enough game time hope he backs himself with fast feet from the ruck today. Has played conservatively to date but still done a good job.

                              It will be up to our little master at 6 to steer us home, similar to last week.

                              Easts by 13.
                              I stand with the Police.