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Extended bench and interchange

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  • Extended bench and interchange

    in these unusual times, with no lower grades im surprised the NRL hasn't increased the bench from 4 to 6 and increased the amount of interchanges allowed. It seems a no brainer for player welfare

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    i agree. at the very least they could have bench players 5 and 6 on standby in case of concussions or a player ruled out through illegal play.


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      So do I. The extra players are named as reserves or on an extended bench anyway. Those positions just need to be turned into 'active' ones, as a one off this season given the extraordinary circumstances we are currently in.
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        Once you’ve had fat, you’ll never turn back


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          idk, if there was a 6 man bench, i could see a couple of players getting close to no mins in games simply because of the amount of players on the bench, it would just seem like a trial to me chopping and changing so many players in the space of 80 mins. IMO


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            Personally I think it would be abused too much, especially by clubs with dud top tier signings.

            Could see a few clubs opting a bogus HIA with non return claims just to sub on a fresh reserve.

            Would be alot easier for them, and a free interchange as opposed to hooking a poorly playing first grader.


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              You should be able to replace someone who fails an HIA. But clubs like Souths could manipulate this rule.


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                Common sense would say that this would be a great idea by the NRL. Unfortunately teams would exploit it. I would introduce it specifically for a player who fails the HIA. If the player can't return for the game due to the HIA they should be forced to miss the next game. This would go some way to preventing teams like the vermin from exploiting the rule.