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Bruce Pickett's Roosters vs Sea Eagle Poops player rating

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  • Bruce Pickett's Roosters vs Sea Eagle Poops player rating

    Yep our usual start to a season bound to drop one here and there.Although we were all over those wanks yesterday the chooks were just too clumsy in their effort ..saying that a few dodgy calls, couldve scraped us through.In a bit of new period..Think things will be much better next weeks against the Wuhan Redferners . Josh Morris will be in the side ..That solves that issue .Brett back to his wing in place of the nowhere man..
    best player by far yesterday was Angus Beef ... he was real good and continueing last weeks form. Teddy tried his heart out . The rest played good to some degree but uncharactiristic errors from Rads Liu Keary and a few more ,,a little rusty but now with couple of games under their belts should be ready for next week.Hopefully Cords will be back.

    TWBE -8 - Teddy didnt stop trying ran 3 times more meters the Jenny Craigs very own living add in Fatrell in one half .TWBE ? The worst Buy Ever voted by the chookpen 2 years ago.

    Cronulla -2- My mate loves him ..I am no fan some times safe and sometime IKucklutz has more tricks in his bag then SKD ..let him go to Sharks and take your fat mate Posa with you.

    The Greatest -6- Moves like a butterfly stings like a bee . Manu is the greatest of seeing no ball .A few times he got it he was always a danger .Honestly Chooks play to your strengths.

    Danny Devito -7- also has no neck and will be reunited with his Twin Josh Shwarznegger next week ... great in Defence and assisted to Kearys miserable failure.

    Slender Man -8- like above ...Toups is one of our strengths last couple of years .The poops targeted him to no avail .slwed him a bit but he didnt crack .

    Covid 19 - 5- Face it he is our game breaker and was doing his job .Dont blame him for the bombed try blame the Manly trainers didnt you see them do their corona wash the ball treatment just as we got it?? I saw some manly bloke rub some slimy cream on it .are you all ****en blind ...if you believe that one ..good-o-..He gets the Greek Hellenic Greek club Malaka of the week award . The moranvirus of the week goes to Keary.

    Failagon -4- I think he has the talent to do the right Job.. a little out of his depth at the moment has a lot of work to do .My only advice get deeper and always move onto the ball dont stand there like your daddy waiting for a peptide delivery.

    AXE and Smash - 5- This Taki and Jared ....Lame first halfs better second stints .....they are the key to our success..didnt do enough didnt offload didnt protect their halfback when he was getting belted they only got 5 because I saw them cough in the sheds when coach Robbo told them to lift their work rate and the rest of the team scrambled behind Uncle nick .

    Friendless - 6 was trying to get them going but as Captain and leader he needed to talk more thought he was quiet verbally they needed strips torn off them bombing so many opportunities ....and he needed a valium after the game ..did I really say that?

    Souffs reject -9- he was awesome continueing his great form from last year ..great hit on that fat slob from Manly ....busting the line a few times .great player and our second worst buy according to the chookpenners. Angus is a beast . He could tear Chuck Norris to shreads .He could eat bats in Wuhan. He could lift JT with one hand ..ahhhrr maybe not.

    The invisible man -5- The new movie is not bad considering its Aussie made . aubbo is Rooster made ..Did his job but also a senior member and needed to help out his half ..This where I get pissed..You have a young new halfback and our senior players are doing and saying shit in assistance... anyway you got 5 for reappearing at the end of the game.

    Vlaka -4- One of my fave goers but in the Greek community he was the biggest Vlaka so said archbishop Makarios who watched the game with me ..hast started the season badly ..not himself maybe warming to the task or has a sex video coming out. Victor Rads lift your game and drink more Beers we luv ya bro.

    Linsay Lohan - 5- More hair styles then Justin Beiber and plays like him too and has a a vid copping it in the kyber ..He was alright did his usual Flipper hands move to appease the fans in the scaffold stand .

    Sweet daaddy Liu -2- you were shit man ..ya dont do the niggers proud ...go home and play Body Counts Cop Killer loud Mother F$#^er

    Pooasterior - 2 - Off to Cronulla Yiasou saginara ,arevadechi

    Whers Trewhella when you need him seroiusly now you have the right to ask for the coach's sacking you were way ahead of us .
    We will beat Souffs by 30 next week ..50 if Fatrell plays fullback .

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    Tupou is definitely our ‘It’ man atm.


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      Nice work enkefalos.

      “smash and axe” that brings back some nice summer slam memories from the 80s.