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  • Take a Latrell Break

    If you're like me and sick or reading about Latrell and need a footie fix ….. Here are some matches to watch from the past you may have forgotten about:-

    Easts v Wests Minor semi final 1982
    Easts v Manly Rd 6 1993
    Easts v Newtown Tooth Cup 1980
    Easts v Canterbury Rd 17 1991

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    Yes, great trip down memory lane. Loved the 80's, hard gritty football.

    To this day has there been a better try than the one Shuey scored against Manly; went through something like 16 sets of hands. With all the talk around our current high profile centre a reminder of our barnstormingcentre of that time Noel Cleal, I had forgotten how lean and quick he was when he first came to us. Lot of great teams around that era but gee we had some fantastic players. Should of snagged a premiership or two in those early 80's.


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      Hawkeye tell us some stories of the Korean War. What was Hotlips like?


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        Originally posted by ROC181 View Post
        Hawkeye tell us some stories of the Korean War. What was Hotlips like?
        lol, one of your best.
        Originally posted by OMR;n823956
        You guys will soon be shot down by mickie lane for saying negative stuff about his much admired bunnies. So be gentle with your hatred for souffs as you might hurt his feelings too

        Originally posted by The Sack;n823995

        Watch out, you will get bombarded with gay and animal porn now. One sick individual.