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Official Match Day Thread: Roosters v Souths

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  • Official Match Day Thread: Roosters v Souths

    It's on again. It's the game we love to win more than any other. Bring on the scum!

    We have it all over them all over the park. I expect an easy victory. Let's take this opportunity to blow what little confidence they may have coming into the finals. Let's send them to Melbourne next weekend.

    For those attending stay well away from their filth. Watch out for needles and try not to get too close or you could catch what they have. Take extra care of your personal belongings.

    Roosters by plenty.

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    Easts 28-12


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      Crush the filth
      Red, White and Bluesters!!!


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        go roosters, no prediction from me, hope for a chooks victory.


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          Not expecting Keary to play - think Hutchinson in as a late change


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            The game I want to win more than any other is the GF. Souths are just another team to beat along the way.

            Easts to win 22-10
            Once you’ve had fat, you’ll never turn back


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              Wouldn't mind keeping them to less than 14 - would make this year's defensive effort better than last year's.


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                A win of a decent margin tonight, then Manly to beat Parra by a decent score ...pushing the Vermin into sudden death semi football next week !!
                ..would make me very happy !


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                  I cringe everytime I see their colours.

                  I also feel sadness everytime I see a parent dress them in Souffs gear - that little street urchin did not have a chance on life and then you go and do this?

                  JWH to flog Burgess, Chooks by 15.


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                    isnt there a trophy for tonites game
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                      Very interesting game tonight. The actual result itself not crucial in the big picture but I think Souths have more to lose than us.

                      If we beat them reasonably comfortably I can't see them recovering to make a dent in the finals. If they happen to win their confidence will surge, and we will just regroup for the Finals Week 1.

                      Their main weapon against us is tries off kicks and Reynolds is the master of the short kicking game.

                      If both teams play their best I think we all know the outcome, even Souths supporters. It will come down to who wants it the most tonight.

                      Keary the key, if he plays I think we will be too slick and make our statement.

                      If he's out, Lattrell to 6 weakens two positions, similar to Vic to 9.

                      Prepare for a commentators love fest with the Bunnies tonight. They will need to change the script post match.

                      Easts by 14.
                      V'Landys is the King. Too good for politics.


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                        24 to 16

                        Rabbitohs will emerge victorious to the strains of Glory Glory to...

                        Originally posted by Old Man Rooster View Post
                        South Sydney Forever


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                          Easts by 8 in a close one, Sitili to have a blinder and Latrell to keep his cool and remain composed throughout.


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                            Originally posted by Hawkeye View Post
                            A win of a decent margin tonight, then Manly to beat Parra by a decent score ...pushing the Vermin into sudden death semi football next week !!
                            ..would make me very happy !
                            This will cost me $100 in a lost bet about manly not making the top 4, but it’ll be the sweetest $100 spent if it comes off.


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                              Who are the match officials ?