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The Original Team Song

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  • The Original Team Song

    This song will never die.

    Brings back memories of the Turner Stand at the old Sports Ground and this getting played over really tinny sound speakers.....along with the "City Ford says yes more often" jingle.

    Such great days. We didn't win much on the field but as long as Mary Jane sat with us in the Turner Stand and Kevin Hastings was on the field we didn't give a shit!

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    Great stuff.


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      i was sitting on the hill behind the posts with many other true believers.


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        The original Roosters song is my ring tone.
        Originally posted by Chook;n805564
        Why the fark anyone takes any notice of modern media is beyond me. It's all click bait populist crap aimed at the lowest common denominator.



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          I sing that everytime I walk the stairs, SFS, Anzac Day, whenever we win.
          I sing that when I wear my ESDRLFC cap and someone says they support the Roosters.
          That song is our heart and soul.
          When some clown gives me shit about supporting the Roosters, I sing it. They always stop giving me shit because they know we are 1908 and we are the greatest club in the game.
          Every Rooster supporter should know it and sing it with pride, even if u r like me and can't sing for sh*t.