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    In the 2 games Hall has played for us he hasn’t looked out of place, and last game I thought he was one of our best. It took Jarred a while to play at his best after an acl, and if this is the case Hall should improve as the year goes on
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      Originally posted by Kelby View Post

      Surely Ikuvalu is a better centre option than Aubs? We dont scare jack shit with aubs at centre.
      IMO it's hard to judge who's what when you play with such a severely depleted team. I actually thought we played the better game than Penrith despite however, we didn't have any tries in us.

      Why not? Rather than blame players, I think it was just a feature of our overall team. Our depleted forwards weren't as dominant so our depleted playmakers had very little space/time to work with and our depleted backline. Nobody had a great day at the office. Best to just learn our lessons and put some of these games behind us IMO. They don't give much insight into what players are capable of...


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        i think iku was there as a back up centre?


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          Easy to say in hindsight, but had Manu popped Hall the ball when he was held up over the line, it would have been a try for sure.


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            Originally posted by Spirit of 66 View Post
            Easy to say in hindsight, but had Manu popped Hall the ball when he was held up over the line, it would have been a try for sure.
            Yep, there were 2 occasions where Manu should have given it to Hall instead of going himself. The second time probably cost us, Hall would have scored for sure.


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              Hall has already shown he's a better defender than ikuvalu as well


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                Looks like Robbo thinks otherwise

                Hall starting at 5 this week, Iku named at 19


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                  Play Ball Infidel Hall is the man...but Or wonder coach shouldve started Iku at center in stead of Aubbo...our ruck defence was terrible and has been last few games.
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                    Hall is on a summer holiday, if he plays as good as his sun tan then maybe were onto something,but Morris and Ikuvalu are both better options.
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                      Originally posted by Rooster_6 View Post
                      The easy call would be to stick with Matt because he's done such a good job filling in.

                      The hard call is to drop him and put in a Player who's going to take some time to find his feet but has a potential greater upside which will make us a more formidable side.

                      No time for popularity in this game, as much as I'm sure it hurt Robbo to drop him he's made the right call.
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