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  • Tupouniua

    Nice article about him and the club on

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    Good read thanks


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      Good piece. Excited about how he'll develop.


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        That piece spoke volumes about the mysterious thing that is a club's culture. Right now it would seem the Roosters' culture is strong which enables cap management. Doesn't stop the "sombrero" argument getting a run all too often by pundits and punters alike.
        "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

        Thomas Jefferson


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          agreed it is a great reflection on our club, it is not all about winning , people have lives outside the game , and the players are not robots. robbo seems an empathetic boss, but is not afraid to make the hard calls as well. maybe an upgraded wayne bennett , with a more approachable personality.


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            Huge man crush on him .... no homo


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              On the night we played Melbourne silly Fittler told everyone on the 9 telecast that he was off contract from next season. Supposedly his manger was unindated with enquires the next day.

              Yes he does have lovely hair.


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                In the NRL poll 27% of players chose the Roosters as the club they'd most like to come to if they had to leave their current club. (Storm and Broncos second on 15%.)

                People say that if you win a comp the value of your players increases and you can't keep them but it's also true that they're more likely to stay for less.


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                  Originally posted by Thirteen View Post
                  Yes he does have lovely hair.
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