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Can we beat the Raiders?

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    Donít forget the Raiders have already played the Storm and lost convincingly


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      Can Canberra beat us is the question. I don't think there's any doubt we can beat Canberra.

      Canberra have won 6 games, 1 against a top 8 side and 5 against bottom 8 sides. Their other two games were loses to the Storm and Sea Eagles who sit inside the top 8 so there are some question marks over their form line.

      In syaing that you can only play what's in front of you and their defence has been impressive. They let go of some of their bigger bodies in Shannon Boyd and Junior Paulo and are running with a smaller but more mobile pack. Their line speed this year has been incredible and they will keep coming for the full 80.

      Which has been our achilies heel, playing for the full 80. So whilst this is Canberra'a big test and it will be built up as such in the media there is a real challenge for us because if we slack off against Canberra they will hurt us. It was nice to see a full 80 min display against the Tigers but it was just the Tigers.

      Canberra will play the game at a higher tempo, with more physicality and they will ask more questions of us in attack and defence.

      I'm excited, both teams coming off easy wins and an 8 day turn around, both teams missing a couple of players to injury and both teams will get the chance to go into camp up in Qld which always brings about some bonding and a real blinker like focus on the game.

      Plenty are calling Canberra the beat defensive side in the comp, there's plenty of pride to play for.

      Bring back the Bondi Wall!!!


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        It will be a very tight game, Canberraís defence is top notch and will probably really frustrate our edges. If the players donít start trying to throw the miracle ball, we should win by 2-6 points


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          Originally posted by Hawkeye View Post

          Our home game, but it's being payed in Qld. The Super Round at Suncorp ..or whatever they're calling it. I cant remember the last time we actually played Canberra in Sydney !
          Very observant to notice itís our home game and that gives you a sense of relief. And if u call running up a 20 point lead minus 6 internationals against full strength storm at home with the refs blatantly allowing them back into the game struggling then you have NFI. And the game against souffs where u say we struggled. Well we did just travel back from Europe which traditionally leaves teams flat fir a few weeks. Not struggling at all. Turning it on whenever we need to


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            Look at the draw they have had. They are nothing.

            13 plus.


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              Strange thread title.
              You only just realised we play Canberra. Really?


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                Originally posted by milanja View Post
                Best Defence v best attack, should be a cracker, is Bateman out? Shame, he is one of the players of the year and likes to go after the top forwards, would of been a nice v JWH.
                bit of a switch around in 2019 previous years it would've been us with the best defence v Raiders attack !


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                  After we win next week we have played teams 2nd - 7th and will be coming first, we are off to a flyer


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                    Stupid post, Manly flogged them 2 weeks ago. We are due to roll them over.


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                      Originally posted by RoosterChick View Post
                      The only thing we have to worry about against the Raiders and any other team for that matter is if complacency creeps into our game. They donít have the firepower to threaten us but we have to guard against them beating ourselves. I am sure Robbo has them still hungers so I donít think we have anything to worry about.
                      Iím not seeing the complacency of the past being a problem this year,the team looks focused and ready every week!

                      I know we let Melbourne and to a lesser extent the Dragons back into the game in the second half of each game,but we finished both games off when needed..

                      Winning the premiership last year was the best thing to happen to us as you can see Robbo has instilled the us against them mentality every week,and their is not much room to drop off as the boys know it can prove costly..

                      We will win the games we are expected to this year,our only obstacle could be injuries..


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                        no chance of us winning this week. we should just forfeit to avoid the embarrassment of a big loss


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                          It' a bigger game for the Raiders than it is for us. We're premiers; they're in the top four without having beaten anybody. They'll be fighting tooth and nail to prove they deserve to be there. Should be a cracker.


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                            I hope I donít fall asleep during the game.
                            I love porcelain hand dryers.


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                              Originally posted by milanja View Post
                              Best Defence v best attack, should be a cracker, is Bateman out? Shame, he is one of the players of the year and likes to go after the top forwards, would of been a nice v JWH.
                              Waiders are also the most penalised team with 64 to our 48. They average 8 conceded per game while we average 6. Will be interesting to see how the whistle blows on Sunday.


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                                Originally posted by ism22 View Post

                                Croker, Cotric, Hodgson, Whitehead, Papalii...etc are all quality players. klokstad (never seen him) got 7 TBs against the riff.

                                IMO if we go in and disrespect them, they'll do a job on us.

                                - Hodgson is a better hooker than Radley
                                - Cotric and Croker have been in the mix for Origin
                                - Wighton... look I don't rate him but he's one of those clever indigenous dudes who can play anywhere and produce anything
                                - Papalii's in for this season

                                They remind me of that really odd boat that Hornblower gets given in one of the early books... zero chance on paper but with the right captain, its quirks can help it to do a job on the very best through confusion/weirdness.
                                So youíre saying JWH,SST, Cordner , Manu Toupo donít measure up to those you mentioned from Canberra? I donít understand your post