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SCG Trust & Roosters Agree To 25-Year Partnership

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    Originally posted by Kentucky_Fried_Rooster View Post
    Makes no difference to any relocation plans from the NRL.
    If they design the criteria so we have no chance of meeting it then off we go to wherever.

    I don't see them moving the favourite Cronulla or Manly. I think they would rather move us, why move a dud team that won't attract fans in Perth when you can have a team that is the bench mark that can move straight in and attract new fans because they are a sucsessful team.

    I think we are safe from relocation but have a hunch they would love us over in Perth to attract new fans straight away, a team not winning will not do that.
    Of we go to wherever?
    Oh no we don't, not without a fight.

    Nothing the NRL does would surprise me.
    If the NRL thinks the Roosters would be a success in Perth it wants to think again.

    Easts/Roosters is Bondi...Bondi/Eastern suburbs is not in Perth Western Australia.

    Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club it is ...since 1908.

    NRL tries to relocate us...we should sue, tie them up in the courts for years.
    Name and shame all the Board members...that's what Alan Jones did when the major soft drink company wouldn't give their contractor Craig his compo money.
    Mr Jones named them, shamed them, let 'em have it bigtime.
    Boycotts of the product there were...far and wide.
    Eventually they caved, Craig, who was shot in the face while filling a vending machine got to keep his compo money, pay out his mortgage, and live happily ever after.

    Gus could organise a march thru the city for us.
    Like Suoerleague war all over again.
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