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  • Bondi Blue Jersey


    Dunno if I hate it or love it.

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    Its a beauty..


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      Not a fan but I see the appeal in having a bondi themed jersey.


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        Looks like the 9s jersey from a few years ago.

        good for a gimmick.


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          it's what the big boys train in, and they look good when you go past the training ground


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              This jersey comes from the war time era - so Robbo explained on the "an evening with TR" night a few weeks back. Apparently dye was in short supply and was needed for uniforms etc so they had to skimp on the dye for the blue ( must be used in army green as well ?) and only use a small amount hence the light blue colour. I cant recall if it was WW1 or WW2 when we ran around in this colour scheme but thats the back story to it.

              I didnt like it either until i was told that history behind it and now it means something i don't mind it at all and think we should run with it for anzac games.


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                it was WW2 for those interested -below from the website spelling mistake an all.

                Interesting Facts-
                • The Eastern Suburbs Club has always been known colloquially as the "Tricolours", and occasionally in the early years the club was also referred to as the "Beachsiders" or the "Seasiders".
                • The Rooster emblem was introduced in 1967 on the clubs first logo which also displayed the motto ‘Easts to Win”.
                • There have been two circimstances when the traditional red, white, and blue colours were unable to be worn, the first being during World War II when the design of the jersey was modified because the dye used to colour jerseys was needed for the war effort. Instead of using the traditional hooped jersey, the team wore a sky-blue jersey with a red and white V-strip around the collar.
                • The other instance occurred from May 22 to June 26, 1920 when the players wore blue and white bared jerseys. There was a scarcity of wool at the time and the regulation red, white, and blue was temporally unavailable.
                • The last time the Roosters played in the tri-colour hoops was in a 1953 semi-final against St George. The following year Easts adopted the now familiar red and white ‘V’ on a deep blue background.


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                  The Light Blue jersey style replaced the navy background for pre season night games worn in the late sixties and perhaps early 70’s. Louis Neumann will likely remember it as well.


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                    That’s not light blue. That’s waves and shit.

                    3D jersey.

                    i don’t know.

                    Reckon we’ve kooked it,