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    Originally posted by stephenj View Post
    paddo chook, im alswo an old paddo boy who went tonight you gave a great summary, was glad to hear the field would be turned around for league otherwise we in the chookpen were behind the posts instead of halfway, he seemed to indicate a n add about the chooks would be released soon!
    Yes thatís right mate. The field was marked out east- west for Waratahs game. We will be marking it north-south. For anyone interested while I was sitting there I noticed that a good 2/3rds of seats in roosters gold and silver will not be able to view the big screen at all. This includes my seats in silver. I am not too happy about it to be honest. From those seats there is a small screen way over other side of ground. Iím telling you 2/3ds of gold and silver members will only get to know the result of video ref decisions by the reaction of the crowd. You will need super vision to see replays on small screen on other side of ground. The screen, and itís a great screen, one of the 2 from Allianz is simply in the worst position possible in regards to roosters members seats. Even the rest of the members in Chookpen closer to field will need to crane their necks 120 degrees or stand up turn around to see screen. This is only one thing but I think significant.


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      Originally posted by Nonester1 View Post
      Was there a question and answer section at the end ? If so could someone who attended place some of Robbo's responses up please. Thank you
      No Q and A mate. Joey and Aubo slipped out after they spoke. Same with Robbo during the Roosters Way video presentation at the end. I believe that video is our new clip we will be playing before games and stuff. Itís awesome and is sure to get the pen pumped


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        Originally posted by Thirteen View Post
        How many attended?
        Looked like about 1000 or so. Big line getting in when we got there. I think they got more than they anticipated. When other members hear how good it was in future Iíd say there will be many more.


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          600 registered probably that and a half half of that there, no q and a. massive line up to get in, we got our hats too and a minor sticker
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            It was a great night. Fantastic idea that I was told Robbo initiated.
            We are very lucky to have Robbo as our coach. Listening to him speak about the past and how our club grew from humble beginnings to the powerhouse it is today gave me goosebumps. He genuinely loves our club and I believe he will be here for a long time. If anyone can instil the passion in our team to go back to back itís him.


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                Itís going to go crazy in here when we have our first loss. Some will want Robbo hung.


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                  Dude! I have shivers...
                  Making Steve Naughton look like Vince Mellars...


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                    Originally posted by Thirteen View Post
                    Itís going to go crazy in here when we have our first loss. Some will want Robbo hung.
                    Anyone who wants to bag Robbo if we have a few losses, should be commited.

                    We have the future GoAT.
                    Making Steve Naughton look like Vince Mellars...


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                      If too much Robbo is never enough for you, here is a link to a podcast he made recently for 98 gym. Goes for over an hour and some good insights.


                      The website address is



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                        The Roosters Way video shown last night is now available to watch



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                          I'll add my threepenny bit on the gig.

                          A bewty....this man Trent "Robbo" Robinson has redefined what it is to be a great leader in our game.

                          My hero Jack was the previous genuis innovator who managed and coached young men in life and in their chosen excel and be proud.

                          Now there is Robbo..

                          600 odd (some moreso than others) fans turned up and sat in the Members stand while preliminary speakers set the scene for the big R...thanks Mini, Maubs and young Joey.

                          History ....of Sydney, especially our area in the East, our club, the greats , the sacrifices and hardships of the people of the day and the region. Robbo layed it all on a platter.

                          The culture that has all fed into where we are today... hard team.

                          The boundaries fix...and how our bar was set to fail. We never have....and how.

                          Robbo told us to never be shy or equivocal about being an Easts person...our pride and tradition are there for all to see... and experience...and most importantly be part of.

                          The art and science and beauty (to Robbo) of defence. To build those foundations that support that wall....when it really matters.

                          The brilliance of our attack that is in Easts DNA.

                          I felt like I was sitting on the bench in the change rooms getting my pre game times.

                          Easts to Win.

                          I]SBW at the beach .[/I]


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                            Thanks for the rundown, JFC.

                            I need to change my underwear after watching that 'Roosters Way' Video.


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                              Originally posted by Paddo Chook View Post
                              Was a great night. The big screen and all the interactive smaller screens around the ground were lit up. Looked great. The only problem most seats in gold, silver and Chookpen areas will not be able to see it because of the angle. Especially gold and silver. A bit ordinary. Joey and Aubbo both spoke about what it meant to them to be part of the roosters family. Their response was clear evidence we are a great club who treats our players and staff like family and it is greatly appreciated by the players. Also very handy for us in recruitment and retention. Because no one truly wants to leave our club once they experience what we are about. Robbo came on to a rousing reception. He first talked about the working class roots of our area. He gave a history lesson on the transformation of the area from those roots to the ritzy upmarket area we have today. He did this with speech and also used old photos on big screen. Having grown up in paddo and Bondi in 70s and 80s I could definitely relate. He talked about the history of the club and past players and coaches and the contributions of them and of course of uncle nick. His message to us the members and fans who walk around in our hats and jerseys every day putting up with Iíll informed jibes from opposing fans, his message is this. Walk with pride. We fought for this area. Our area built the city. The people of our area have had to work hard to stay there. Many like myself have had to move away from my childhood area because of the price. But our DNA is entwined I our area and donít let anyone tell u otherwise. That was Robbos message. He talked about the redistribution of boundries which cost our club valuable junior areas and basically handed them to souffs. I have tried to explain to many souffs fans that east of Anzac Pde all the way to la perouse was ours. Was a great night. I loved it. E
                              Thanks for this mate, well done.

                              I had to move away from the area also which was hard at the time. I grew up from birth to 14 years old at Battery st Clovelly overlooking Gordons Bay. My old man made some silly financial decisions and next thing you know I am living 40km's from the coast. Still feels like home when I am out that way and have the best memories of getting dropped home from training at Burrows Park in the back of my trainers ute,wouldn't happen these days


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                                The Roosters are now a team that oozes class, they are fully professional and lead the way on all levels.
                                Other clubs can only learn from the Roosters
                                So good being a Rooster supporter