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Could Hastings be Roosters half post Cronk?

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  • Could Hastings be Roosters half post Cronk?

    It would not surprise me in 2020 if a new model Jackson Hastings returns to the NRL.

    The kid always had the talent, but unfortunately not the attitude.
    After the fall out with the Roosters team he was snapped up by Manly
    He was then trashed by Manly, then having no choice, but to play in the English Super League, he signed with Salford.
    He is now a fan favourite at Salford.

    A podcast which Jackson did on air and it appears a more humble Jackson who blames himself for his own actions which cost him his NRL career.

    Link One:

    Now he has turned down an offer from Wigan and resigned with Salford for one more year.

    Link Two:

    It looks to me that his mission is he intends to play in the NRL again.

    I might keep an eye on Salford this year too see how he goes.

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    On the one hand - are you ****ing crazy?; on the other - people can change and maybe it could work ...


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      No chance.


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        I doubt it. I think too many bridges were burned last time around, both with Hastings Snr and Jnr.

        Besides, he was as slow as a wet week - Cronk would have him for pace despite having close to 15 years on him! Hastings best position would be utility/hooker and we already have plenty of young blokes that can fill that role, without taking a huge risk on Whacko Jacko and his 'unusual' personality.
        Supporting the RW&B, through good times and bad times.


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          Originally posted by novice chook View Post
          he was as slow as a wet week - Cronk would have him for pace despite having close to 15 years on him
          +1 for this
          Originally posted by jism
          I saw Reynolds crying in front of me after the game and yelled out 'WHAT ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT?!?!? GO SAY SORRY TO COOPER YOU GRUB!!!' He looked up at me with a pretty broken looking face.


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            To our fans we tell you
            If you have not been told
            We play this game for all of us
            We play it from the soul!

            (Jack Gibson, 2002)


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              The end.


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                Slowest back I've ever seen.

                Add me to the large chorus of "no thanks".


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                  i remember watching him score some good tries, hes not that slow?not as quick as keary but anout cronks pace, ju ju is quick so weve been spoilt a bit for pace in the halves


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                    no thanks, not nrl standard, and if he is that off can he really change ?


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                      We must all be very bored!


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                        His media interviews never mimicked his real life persona.
                        Exonerate the West Memphis Three -


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                          Only 5 more weeks to go and this sort of stuff will hopefully stop.
                          Build the wall. Keep the Drug Lords out!


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                            Absolute champion of a bloke if you can handle a bit of a stir and I’d love to see him succeed in the NRL but I can’t see it being with the Roosters. Dogs will pick him up to replace Foran.


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                              Originally posted by Roosterfarian View Post
                              His media interviews never mimicked his real life persona.
                              You nailed it. With his media savvy manager he knew how to come across.

                              Possiblly being kingpin at Salford, he might have found a home. I doubt Nick would entertain the idea of a return. He was given every chance.