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Shared a spliff with Cronk the other night...

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  • Shared a spliff with Cronk the other night...

    We were sitting out of the rocks, overlooking Bronte beach when Cronk pulled a spliff and things got saucy. This was no ordinary spliff, this was the good shyte! He told him that Radradra sourced it from his mate in Fiji.

    Anyhow, we got talking and he started talking politics. Said that the Stormís broken and at least 3 other players are gonna sign with the Roosters next year.

    I took a drag of his spliff then asked who they were. Cronk inhaled deeply and then provided the most deepest, most insightful insight that Iíve ever heard. This was hectic shyte my man!!! Not sure what else to say other than Bellamyís coming over as our wrestling coach, Smithís coming over as a bench utility, Ado-Carrís already running to Bondi and there will likely be others.

    This was one hectic moment. Iím still taking my time to digest it all but faaaark man... you know when you start hearing Aristotle talking to you and shyte after you converse? Yeah this was that.

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    This is why people with grandiose delusions need to take their medication.
    Marijuana gets a bad name because of these people who have bi polar.
    "Originally posted by Elvis Rooster"
    So while most of us were getting excited about the start of the season our resident Junkie Jim the Jailbird, the guy who would like to break into your house and steal your tv and toaster, Mickey Lane is at it again. Here is his latest beauty.
    ​"Do you want white or wholemeal toast?"
    I tell you guys this is one sick son of a bitch;


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      I read when the Clash were recording - Sandinista - they had a bunker in the studio for spliffs - recorded that triple album in 6 weeks and never left the studio


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        Paul Carter has good spliff!