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International game venues

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  • International game venues

    Why on earth are PNG playing Fiji in Christchurch in front of 500 people.

    Wtf are the nrl(or whatever the international governing body is) thinking when they scheduled these games. If this was played in PNG or Fiji it would be a packed stadium and a much better vibe for the players and look for the game - I don’t get it - stupid.
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    Well said Lippy, PNG would of been electric.
    The International RL, NRL & the PNG Goverenment have to get a deal going with a private consortium & build a 25-30 thousand seat stadium in Mort Moresby & give the people there the opportunity to bring an electric atmosphere to RL games like Tonga do.
    Originally posted by Chook;n805564
    Why the fark anyone takes any notice of modern media is beyond me. It's all click bait populist crap aimed at the lowest common denominator.