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Supercoach update

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  • Supercoach update

    How is everyone going in supercoach?

    Personally I've started this season in grand style, 317 rank over-all, though the bye rounds might see the end of my challenge to reach the top100.

    I'm undefeated in a few leagues but teams are starting to throw down a good challenge after doing their transfers and getting used to who is playing well and who isn't. I've got the nucleus of a very good team, though I probably want to make one or two more changes to strengthen a couple of areas, one being in the front row and the other in the centres.

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    i always make the mistake of choosing rooster players!


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      Team -
      Mannah, Snowden, Tolman, Gallen, Hindmarsh, Parker (Capt), Thurston, Bird, Beale, Glenn, Taylor, Gasnier, Gidley, RES Payne, Fensom, Johnson, Housten


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        Yeah no roosters for me except I have symonds but I don't play him. I'm waiting on him playing some minutes and getting him a price rise then selling him for an upgrade because he was so cheap to start with.

        The best ranked rooster for points is Myles but it aint enough to get into my team.


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          This year has tougher competition for sure.. Currently ranked 8,079/119,879.. I must say the a couple of the leagues I joined here were tougher than I expected, yours one of them. Hopefully I'll be right up there after my recent trades... Current team is this, with Gallen to come into the 2nd row in 2 weeks hopefully.

          Tolman, Farah, C Smith, Hindmarsh, Parker, Stagg, Thurston, Mateo, Croker, Brown, Taylor, Glenn, Bowen
          Reserves: Buhrer, Fensom, Houston, Harrison
          Subs: Sims, Arona, Robinson, Cherry-Evans, Aubusson, J Carney, Loko, Gagai

          It's keeping me excited about the footy despite the Roosters form lol.


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            That looks like a good team in the making!

            This week was very bad. Gidley injured scoring only 18. Aaron Payne injured at around half time scoring about 46. Mannah and Hindmarsh scoring half of what they usually do.

            I need Cameron Smith in the team. He is a regular 80 point player every week.


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              Disappointing players this round:

              Brown, Croker, Taylor, Thurston kinda, Hindmarsh, Fensom, Houston (made a million errors)

              And yep Cam Smith is a gun this year, both in supercoach and dreamteam. He'll only miss the 3 games too due to origin I think, with both byes falling on origin out weeks.


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                I had some asshole who picked two players who weren't even playing in Sam Williams and the Catamite Boyd, and the prick still frigging beat me. It's either rigged or my players, which include Lockyer, Soward, Gordon, Nathan Hindmarsh (as captain) are really not putting.


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                  Ranked 219/121,453 and 117/79,932 for Supercoach and dreamteam this round ... boo yeah!... trading Aubusson out for Mead was the masterstroke