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Dutton provides the voice of reason

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  • Dutton provides the voice of reason

    > Peter Dutton has lashed out at Queensland’s Premier for allowing a packed crowd at the State of Origin while restricting funeral attendance.

    > Almost 50,000 people packed out Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday to cheer on Queensland’s win in the series decider.

    Admittedly he's really just taking a cheap swipe at a state Labor government. However, wow... Mr Potato Head speaks some logic there!!!

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    How many people got Covid-19 from attending the game the other night?
    Originally posted by OMR;n823956
    You guys will soon be shot down by mickie lane for saying negative stuff about his much admired bunnies. So be gentle with your hatred for souffs as you might hurt his feelings too

    Originally posted by The Sack;n823995

    Watch out, you will get bombarded with gay and animal porn now. One sick individual.


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      Nothing more than cheap political point scoring I can’t believe how many so called intelligent people fall into this. Now if a Liberal govt did the same thing he’d either applaud it or say nothing I noticed scummo backed the Liberal premier in his bungled lock down in SA. Yet mercilessly bagged Andrews.
      This is a chance to accelerate our pre pandemic efforts to re imagine economic systems that actually address issues like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.

      Justin Trudeau