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"Women's work"/"Men's work" --- "Working from Home"

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  • "Women's work"/"Men's work" --- "Working from Home"

    Men are being urged to do more housework so their partners can focus on their careers, after it was revealed women are suffering the most from COVID-19 job losses.

    Women's jobs are being wiped out twice as fast as men’s in the COVID-19 crisis, sparking an urgent official plea for dads to take on more housework during the pandemic so their wives can focus on saving their careers.

    The Sunday Mail can reveal Australia’s women are emerging as the silent victims of the coronavirus economic catastrophe, because the worst-hit industries are female dominated and mums are being forced to shoulder the burden of homeschooling.

    In just one month, more than 325,000 Australian women lost their jobs, compared to 269,000 men.

    While in the week leading up to April 18, 1.9 per cent of female jobs vanished, compared to 1 per cent of male jobs.

    Federal Employment Minister Michaelia Cash last night flagged a push for bosses to allow more men to work from home permanently so more women can get back into jobs, and the government’s gender watchdog pleaded for blokes to do more chores at home during the COVID-19 crisis so their partner could concentrate on paid employment.


    The govt has a gender watchdog?
    The Federal Employment Minister is getting into "blokes to do more chores at home"?

    Gender watchdog?
    Wonder just what exactly this gender watchdog is watching for?
    What exact powers it has.
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    set up in 2012 apparently -


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      Originally posted by zac View Post
      set up in 2012 apparently -
      Thanks for that, very interesting.
      Seems like a one-way street. Silly me, I thought that "women's jobs and men's jobs" stuff was sorted out 30 years ago.
      The movie North Country shows all.
      Charlize as Josey, Woody as her the mines in Minnesota USA.
      Josey wanting to work in the mines, harassed, along with the other women.

      With the average length of a marriage in Australia being 12 years ...married at 25, divorced at 37 with 2 kids ...then the misery starts/can start.
      Custody battles, property settlements [1/2 a house not worth much, depending]...after this pandemic a job will be vital, money needed for any future divorce lawyers, property purchases, child support payments. etc. If not divorce, then for family financial survival. Can't see the hunters and gatherers being very willing to give up their jobs, or put themselves at an disadvantage in the workplace by staying home, being out of the boss' sight.
      Man working from home, should be working hard, gaining every advantage, not doing housework.


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        Do you have children and grandchildren Bondi Boy? I am digressing but I am curious.
        Originally posted by Old Man Rooster View Post
        South Sydney Forever


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          Originally posted by PRIDE View Post
          Do you have children and grandchildren Bondi Boy? I am digressing but I am curious.
          Always had a house full of children though, 'everybody' else's.
          Little dogs to play with, treats, 2nd dinners if you didn't have enough at your own place, ice cream, fairy bread, green drink with ice cream in it, recovery reading if you wanted help, front yard with no trees in it, backyard with no trees in it, run around with the dogs...many games to play.
          Go shopping with mrs bb, more treats.
          I would never let kids into the house when mrs bb was not home, wouldn't want people getting any wrong ideas, I played games with them in the front yard for all the world to see..
          Oh fun times they were.
          bb dispensing wisdom to the young in a casual manner.
          "People might come to the schoolyard and try to give or sell you drugs, drugs are bad, they will make your mouth go black and all your teeth fall out".
          One young girl said; "Don't worry, bb, Sister M... won't let them in the gate!"