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    Hate to invoke the taboo subject thats politics but anyone watched the debate on Sky last night? Gladys bungled a question about the toll and Daley had a trainwreck being unable to identity costings for his major issue being stadiums, then even worse made a 2.9 billion dollar discrepancy on his tafe policy and couldnt name costings for his schools policy despite promising to spend much more. He also said taxpayers would not pay for the stadium but instead a loan paid by the SCG trust. SCG Trust makes 2m profit a year and Daley expects them to repay a 500m loan with interest. LMAO.

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    Gladdy cleaned him up but was always going to happen. Strategically, Daley should never have agreed to do the debate.
    I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.


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      i fear the negative attacks on daley in recent days are having the expected result and a negative vlying cheating govt will be reelected even as a minority, its now come out that the update of our stadium was much much less than the figures floated by govt and scg! so weve lost our stadium because of the greed and lying of others, just remember how bad it felt as the scg last week, do we want that for another 3 years? i know i wont be renewing next year!


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        is it too late to save whats left of our stadium? has she got the wreckers working overtime?