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  • Budget

    apparently there'll be income tax cuts. Why give out income tax cuts when so many taxpayers pay 0 net tax. To add insult to injury they persist with the company tax cut which is their version of a 'carbon tax'. Talk about a political tin ear its such an unpopular measure id be really interested to know their desperation behind getting it done. Im hoping for a GST broadening or other measures to bring down the deficit but Turnbull is so afraid of bloody Newspoll and his dinosaur backbench that he cant get tough measures done. They have gone down the American root of being anti-tax yet pretending we can balance a budget without revenue. Theres also 1 billion of age based tax breaks such as SAPTO and higher private health rebates for the aged. Why not slash it? The surplus will be earlier so at least we'll get their. Meanwhile Communist Bill is touting Labor as the party of fiscal responsibility despite not delivering a surplus in 30 years, even in 2010-12 when commodity prices hit records. What a time to be alive.

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    bewdfore howling down bill wait till we hear bills budget reply wed night!


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      But Bill has already given us thousands of reasons to howl him down.
      Fair dinkum, we're in big trouble if that union puppett far-left idiot ever becomes PM.