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Should we resign the Moz Bros?

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  • Should we resign the Moz Bros?

    Should the club resign the Moz bros? I think that they are more than capable of running around for another year. And after last night may have the motivation to do so.What do we think?

    1. Even at their age they are still both killing it.
    2. They are an amazing influence on the other players
    3. Both obviously still have the ability to cross the line regularly
    4. Probably the 2 best defensive backs currently at the club
    5. Allows Joseph Suaali's development to be extended and eased into FG as a 19yo.

    1. The only one I can think off is that it might mean we lose either B Smith and/or Iku

    "They are the Roosters. That club won't give up until there is nothing left"

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    depends at what price ? do they want to play again ? when will brett be ready to go next year ? prob wont be for 6 or 7 rounds ?


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      Originally posted by mattyh View Post
      depends at what price ? do they want to play again ? when will brett be ready to go next year ? prob wont be for 6 or 7 rounds ?
      He's probably good for 15 games anyway so could be an option. But judging by his reaction last night he feels it's the end.

      Sad day for him and Roosters fans
      Born and bred in the eastern suburbs.


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        No. I think they are brilliant players but are prone to injury. Also signing Brett knowing he won’t be around until about the same time next year and may not recover so well cause of his age it’s too risky.

        I think we need to buy a couple of backs for next season. I’m sick of waiting for Billy Smith to come good. And nobody knows how good he is cause he’s made of plastic and never plays.

        Sualli can replace one Morris but who else have we got? I don’t think there’s any other backs killing it in the lower grades.

        With Friend retiring and Cords too as soon as he gets his first head knock, as well as the Morris twins we should have a bit of money to spend.
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          I would definetly want both signed at a reasonable price for next year, provided they are happy to go around again..

          But based on B.Morris reaction last night I feel like he believes it’s time!


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            Last night's injury was tragic, and probably will decide the future of B Moz, and maybe J Moz as well. I don't think we will have ethier otf them next year. I think Billy Smith still has a big future, if he can recover fully from his injuries. Suuali as well, but certainly the club will have a plan for the future.


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              Originally posted by Vasco View Post
              He's probably good for 15 games anyway so could be an option. But judging by his reaction last night he feels it's the end.

              Sad day for him and Roosters fans
              It seemed that way, but might change over the coming weeks once the emotion of it has passed.

              Hoping they go again next year.


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                Of course age is a major factor esp now with the ACL. But put that aside for a moment. As a club we tend to release our outside backs once we feel that we have gotten the most out of them. Cases in point rep players like Michael Jennings, SKD and Fergo. I just feel that both JMoz and BMoz have so much good left in them.


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                  The one negative to Walker playing this year is now his asking price will go up astronomically.
                  I think this is going to have big ramifications to our cap management as it would not have been planed for.


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                    I believe that the only reason BMoz was giving the game away at the end of this season was because he was being ravaged by injuries...Now he will have a year off and by this time next year he should be up and running and all of those niggling injuries will fade away for a while. If he wants to be a coach and is sticking around, are there possibilities that BMoz can be a player/coach role, well more like an assistant coach? We have Toupo, Manu and Suaalii as confirmed in the backs. Ikavalu is still teetering between first and reserves, B Smith is an unknown quantity if he will be back to his best though he's only played 2-3 games in first I think.

                    If Marshall is still running at 36 today and still playing well, then the Mozzes can have a good think about it.

                    One thing though...JMoz hasn't won a comp yet and it was their dream to win one together but unfortunately it may not turn out that way BUT JMoz has to be driven to not only win it for himself but also for his Bro...I'm looking forward at how JMoz will respond from now till the end of the season.


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                      If they’d want to stay as squad players that can fill in where needed and then basically start a coaching apprenticeship under Robbo I would do it 100%.

                      fact is we don’t have anyone better in their positions and frankly quality backs are rare as shit now. Take a look around the league and try to find quality centres. They don’t exist.


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                        Aren't they both playing for like 250-300k?

                        At that price it's a no brainer to re-sign both if they want to go around again.

                        There are blokes like Cotric on twice as much but aren't even half the player.


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                          I cant see Bmoz going around again if the ACL injury is confirmed. Long way back from there at his age. Would love to have him on board in the club somewhere though.

                          I reckon Ikavalu deserves a go. I personally think he goes okay. Suualli will drop into the centres with Joey


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                            He could leave his options open. Work on his recovery, but remain unsigned. If he still has the motivation and ability to compete next year, we could sign him before June 30 for a last hurrah and the send off he deserves. Billy Smith will probably be in traction again by then, and BMoz could come to the rescue.


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                              I'd have them both again at that price. The fact is we couldn't sign any player with half their ability at the same price.