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Jake Friend has retired (Not yet official)

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    I think it was Todd Carney who played for the Atherton Roosters

    Thanks for the correction.


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      Here's the article

      Jake Friend retirement: Why Roosters won’t receive NRL salary cap relief

      The Sydney Roosters will not receive any salary cap dispensation for Jake Friend after the premiership-winning hooker made the decision to retire immediately.

      Friend’s 14-year career is over after suffering three concussions in his past six games.

      The Roosters’ co-captain met with the club’s coaching and medical staff this week with the 31-year-old now griped with the reality of having played his final match.

      Despite Friend clearly being forced into a medical retirement, the club will not be able to receive any salary cap dispensation this year.

      Under NRL rules, club’s cannot claim salary cap relief in the same season the player suffers the injury.

      The Roosters could have petitioned the NRL for a cap break next season and beyond had Friend been contracted to the club beyond this year.

      However, Friend was off-contract at season’s end after inking a one-year deal with the club last year.

      The club received $350,000 salary cap relief for teammate Boyd Cordner who will miss the opening three months of the season because of a head knock he received during Origin.

      That came as a result of the NRL’s representative injury policy.

      Friend will go down as a Roosters all-time great. His career ends with 264 top grade games, three State of Origins for Queensland and one Test. He has been a co-captain for six years and helped lead the club to back to back premiership titles.

      He has won three premierships and played in four grand finals. Only 300-gamers Mitch Aubusson, Anthony Minichiello and Luke Ricketson have played in more matches for the tricolours.

      Friend had been wrestling with the retirement call since he was knocked out in the opening round game against Manly at the SCG. During the course of his decorated career Friend has suffered 20 concussion and has struggled with ongoing shoulder and neck issues in the past couple of seasons.

      He was initially reluctant to retire because he felt he was letting down the team, however, Friend finally informed his closest teammates it is now time to hang up the boots.

      Friend is expected to remain as part of the Roosters club in an off-field role. He was seen in the dressing room during the club’s win against the Warriors on Saturday and sat alongside coach Trent Robinson during the match.

      An official announcement is expected before the Roosters next clash against Cronulla on Saturday.


      Friend had been wrestling with the retirement call since he was knocked out in the opening round game.

      He had told teammates he felt like he was letting them down.

      Friend told The Sunday Telegraph a week after the collision that he would be guided by medical advice.

      “I want to keep playing but I’ll be guided by the medical experts,” he said.

      “We’ll see what happens.”

      Friend only inked a one-year deal last year. He has struggled with ongoing shoulder and neck issues in the past couple of seasons.

      He achieved his long-term goal of playing Origin last year, featuring in the Maroons’ series win. He played one Test for Australia in 2016.

      The Roosters have already assured Friend’s long-term successor with premiership-winning hooker Sam Verrills. Verrills, who is recovering from another minor knee operation, is signed with the club until the end of 2024.

      His Roosters co-captain Boyd Cordner is sidelined until at least round 12 after a bout of serious concussions in recent years. There were concerns for Cordner’s long-term future but it is expected the Australian skipper will return to the field.

      Friend, who made his Roosters debut in 2008, sits fourth overall in game’s played for the Roosters with 264. Only 300-gamers Mitch Aubusson, Anthony Minichiello and Luke Ricketson have played in more matches for the tricolours.


      Debut: 2008 v Canterbury round 16.

      Games: 264 top grade games, fourth all-time in Roosters history. 27 tries, one field goal.

      Representative: One Test for Australia in 2016, three games for Queensland in 2020, NRL-All Stars 2017

      Grand finals: Four

      Premierships: Three including two as co-captain


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        One tough nugget of a Rooster ! Gunna miss you on the field mate , your defence and inspiration will be impossible to replace . All the best for the future for your health and family. I hope you are still involved with the club . 3 Premierships Rooster yeehaaa !!!


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          Absolute legend. A true Rooster great. Making a choice for him and his family. All the best Jake


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            Interesting is says that we have already got cordners salary cap relief money.


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              A champion player and an even better bloke. I was fortunate to do some work at his investment property and cafe a few years ago. Never haggled the price( I gave him mates rates anyway) and always threw in jerseys and caps signed by the whole team and access passes to the SCG dressing rooms after certain games.
              Thanks for bleeding red,white and blue. Nothing left to prove. Achieved everything in the game. Enjoy your retirement Jake.


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                Incredibly sad day for all of us Roosters faithful, but what an absolute warrior putting his body and life on the line holding our middle secure.
                Jake from the very bottom of all our hearts thank you, Father Time beckons, you have been an amazing competitor/leader role model and captain of the greatest club to ever take the field, you are courage personified, making a living in the engine room amongst giants, congratulations on a fabulous career rewarded with 3 premierships and capping it off with a SOO series win.

                ROOSTERS LEGENDA!!!! BRAVO JAKE.


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                  Just to be clear despite the topic, this is not official! I guess we expect it to be but until it is from the club then we can’t really commemorate.
                  But really, what more can the man achieve... I think it would be an easy decision based on what he has achieved as opposed to if he didn’t have the career he had!
                  The club legend that crept up on us all really!


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                    Originally posted by The Marshall View Post

                    Friend is one of the toughest Roosters ever and as a 3 time premiership player one of our greats. Well done Jake.
                    On the salary cap I wonder how the Fool from Souths managed to convince the NRL that his chronic shoulder problem he carried for years was new and they get cap relief but Friend doesn’t for a concussion?
                    Souffs Vermin are paying the last 3 years of Burgess's contract worth reportedly 3.6 mill over 10 years @ 360k a year.

                    NRL rules are the salary for the year the player is medically retired/sanctioned retirement is included in the cap but not subsequent years - Inglis "retired" and forfeited the remainder of that years and the next year contract payment so only his off field salary was included in the cap from the date of his retirement for the second half of 2019 and 2020.

                    So the verms had 300k to spend up to June 30 2019 from Inglis's retirement and 2.1 million in 2020 as a result of Inglis's and Burgess's NRL sanctioned retirements - enabling them to sign Mitchell /Arrow and re-sign Walker and upgrade some others.

                    2.1 being Burgess's 1.2 mill and Inglis's 900k ( 1 mill less his off field role payment nominally 100k that was included in the cap).


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                      Friendy belongs in the Roosters Hall of Fame and is a once in a lifetime legend. No words can adequately thank you dear Friendy for all the love you gave this club. You will be looked after.
                      “Soon will the present day order be rolled up, and a new one spread out in its stead”- (Baha’u’llah)


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                        Originally posted by Bahrain Rooster View Post
                        Congratulations to Friendy on an amazing career. Never the flashiest but did the dirty work and was a rock defensively for many years. Won’t forget his 2018 and 19 defensive efforts any time soon. To be sacked by the club and then return to play on for 10+ years is a great redemption story. All the best.
                        Well put and a nice summary. I agree with this. All the best to you 'Friendy'. I wish you and your family well.
                        MRR or Rabid

                        Some people believe supporting the Roosters
                        is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed
                        with that attitude. I can assure you it is
                        much, much more important than that.

                        (1981 Bill Shankly quote variation)


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                          Thank you Nugget for your service to our great club.

                          You will go down as one of our all time greats.......

                          I wish you and your family the very best in your future.....

                          Even though I am a Blue supporters, I nearly teared up a bit knowing you won a series playing for the Maroons.....

                          Originally posted by Andrew Walker;n856918

                          I am aware of his issues they are well documented. Why are you asking me when you know very well what they are I invite you to answer that to my face I will be waiting for you this morning 11am at Centennial Park Paddington Gates Alternatively arrange another time convenient to you I’m waiting But you will not have the guts as you are a coward hiding behind your keyboard Like you have in the other thread on away from the game section


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                            What a tough bugger! He will he missed.
                            Gave us plenty of memories to cherish.

                            Glad he set up his post footy career. Enjoy being a dad now.
                  ’ll be interesting to see


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                              FORWARD !!!

                              Thanks for giving 100% everytime you took the field Jakey !!!


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                                Originally posted by Bruce 38-0 View Post
                                I think it was Todd Carney who played for the Atherton Roosters

                                Thanks for the correction.
                                Yeah... Jake was the one who worked at Cafe Foveaux as part of his rescue plan.

                                Early on he was arrested for:
                                - Punching David Morrow's niece in the face (acquitted as he didn't & it was a complete farce of an allegation)
                                - Having Valium outside Coogee Maccas that was prescribed to some 89yo (with Todd Carnage... probably took the fall for carnage)
                                - DUI (stupid but moved on... not uncommon for youngsters)
                                - Went to sleep in a cab, then swore at cops when woken up (hanging with the wrong crowd and too drunk but nothing criminal)

                                Not to be confused with Jake Paul Friend... some seppo who looted shyte and got busted by the FBI for having massive guns and stuff.

                                Not looking to sledge him but this is all part of his story. Basically he hubg out with a bunch of spoiled d!ckheads (Pearce + Carney), found his way and has been an awesome captain ever since. I like there being a bit of a story as it shows he wasn't given it all on a plate. He worked hard, developed a lot as a human being and deserves every bit of success he's had.