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    Mini, Phillips, Walker, Gurr, Silva.

    Fairfax was before my time

    RTS in one season probably outdid all except maybe Mini @2004 and 2005 but one season is not enough to be ranked imo.

    Walker would have rated higher if he played more fullback. Phillips was probably the most underrrated player of all time.
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    Ray Stehr
    "I don't think it's in disguise but Pearce's efforts with the puppy has opened the door for us to finally get a decent half/5/8. Nikorema is our savior and he will prove to be our best pivot since Freddy. It's obvious that Hastings is the goods and Nikorema's performance has me saying Maloney who. Pearce can stay in Thailand as far as I'm concerned."


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      Mini, Gurr, Wurth, Phillips and Walker were all good but none lit a candle to Jordan Tansey, what a player!