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    Originally posted by Monaco's Fan Club View Post

    A very good point.

    Also, there is no guarantee that Keary starts and or plays R1. But saying if he does, he is returning from a ACL, and we expect him not only to lead the team, but be the main long kicker ( post ACL) ? His confidence might not be there R1

    Sam Walker doesn’t have a strong long kick, so the pressure would fall on Keary

    Starting with Hutch ( a much better defender and long kicker game than young Walker ) might allow Keary to ease back into the pace of the game

    Also, maybe until both Keary and Walker hit their straps, maybe they are both too similar players, and a more directional player is needed first up ( Ala Cronk like)
    My reading was that we couldn't afford to lose him so Robbo only used him if he REALLY needed to (with the idea of him + possibly Manu playing 80 in a GF or preliminary).

    We didn't get there. Robbo trusts him to come on cold and manage us to victory in the last 10 though. Don't think he has any issues with Walker's ability to manage a game.


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      Funny thread....even though i know its all bullshit.

      Simple answer- Kearys natural game is to be attacker, organiser, manager, kicker- everything and anything he wants to do- its his team. Sam is going to have plenty of time and room to do his stuff and will learn a lot. It will be great to watch


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        There's only one genuine troll on here and most know who....but Monaco ain't it.

        I'm ok with rumours, speculation etc. esp if from a half informed source. People are entitled to spill here unless sworn to secrecy or potentially defamatory.

        Fuels the slow off-season.