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Joey Manu stays on till 2024

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  • Joey Manu stays on till 2024


    PS: No official confirmation from the club as yet


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    Great news for the club.


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      Thanks for your loyalty Joey. Us fans appreciate it.

      And StreetKid still loves you even though he ripped you a new one when he thought you’d leave.
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        Everyone come and thank him tonight on his Twitch stream hahahah

        Go to around 8-9pm tonight when his stream usually starts and look up JosephManu_ and get commenting showing our support for the loyalty he's shown.

        Absolute king, one of my favourite all time roosters.


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          Great news , great player , great bloke , nuff said
          "You know who you are and who I mean so stay the hell away from me "


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            great news! I hope he re-sign at max 800k though


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              Joey Manu is expected to recommit to the Sydney Roosters for a further two years with the New Zealand Warriors confirming their pursuit never progressed beyond a “general chat”.

              The Warriors confirmed on Thursday they had signed Marata Niukore on a four-year deal from 2023, but chief executive Cameron George said Manu would not be following suit.

              Manu and the Warriors were first linked together at the start of the year, especially because of his Kiwi heritage – not to mention the club’s big coffers – but George said the centre had made it clear Bondi was where his heart was.

              “Joey won’t be leaving the Roosters, he’ll stay there, and he’s definitely not coming to us,” George told the Herald.

              “Any time someone like Joey becomes available, and given his Kiwi connection, we expressed an interest and spoke with him.

              “We saw him as a great asset to our club on and off the field – he’s an exceptional talent and an exceptional person. That was the big attraction for us.

              “But we never got any further than a general chat.

              “He has that strong connection with the Roosters, he said he was happy where he is, and that’s exciting for the Roosters and exciting for him.

              “We had a couple of targets for 2023. Marata was one of them and he’s now across the line. You’ll have to watch this space.”

              Manu is off contract at the end of 2022 and was free to sign a deal with a rival club from November 1. Regarded by many as the best centre in the game, Manu, 25, is keen to one day make the transition to fullback or five-eighth, two positions he has excelled in when filling in for the injured James Tedesco and Luke Keary at different stages.

              Manu is understood to have met with his family a couple of weeks ago and agreed to stay loyal to the Tricolours. He has been at the club since he was 16, his younger brother, Kani, is also at the club, while the Roosters view him a one-club player.

              The plan will be to extend Manu until the end of 2024 before extending him again.


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                I have to ask why he waited until after 1 Nov if he didn't want to test the market?

                Anyway, great news. Wonderful.
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                  Good on Joey, his signing should be an example to another ex-Rooster centre that Loyalty to a club that looked after its players is more imortant than ones ego.


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                    Originally posted by Johnny Tobin View Post
                    I have to ask why he waited until after 1 Nov if he didn't want to test the market?

                    Anyway, great news. Wonderful.
                    You would have to ask him but there could be a myriad of reasons; maybe he's just having a break. He might not have wanted to test the market - not everyone's a Latrell Mitchell to name but one of many. The Roosters weren't going to pressure him into signing an extension as they know he's a loyal person. He is happy at the Roosters (his words). His brother Kani is also there at present and the list goes on.

                    I'm sure Joey will no doubt give his reasons in due course but his re-signing is one of the best things I've read this year. Bring on 2022!
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                      Good news


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                        "Not going to test the market" doesn't mean he didn't get a pay rise.


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                          Until the end of 2024 - or to 2025 if you prefer.


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                            Keary will be 33 at the start of 2025. Do we think Manu sets himself up to move to the 6 at that point with Walker hopefully steering the ship?

                            Hopefully he gets more involved in attack like he did this year. Would love to see him have a roving role in attack and play a bit closer to the middle.


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                              You beauty! Exciting news! Crack out the wine and “cheese”
                              Red, White and Bluesters!!!