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The most overrated coach in the NRL

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    Originally posted by rented tracksuit View Post

    Sadly, I dont think she will see your post champ.
    Or yours from what I gather ,very sad situation
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      Originally posted by Johnny73 View Post

      The 2002 grand final was won for the Roosters by Richard Villasanti. He doesn't headbutt Freddy, Adrian Morley doesn't fire up (I still remember hearing me screaming "RUN AT ME YOU C***") the rest of the team.
      Must agree with that as well , the sight of Freddy on his ass blood pouring out of his head then his head bandage .Fired Freddy up but Moz was like a man possessed .
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        Originally posted by GT3370 View Post

        Or yours from what I gather ,very sad situation
        Yeah. Dont know what I did? Last I knew, she liked my posts. Very sad indeed. I hope she sleeps better now and I wish her and Andy all the best.
        Originally posted by Andrew Walker;n907331
        Another imbecile who is mentally and intellectually beneath myself in every imaginable level.


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          Originally posted by rented tracksuit View Post

          Yeah. Dont know what I did? Last I knew, she liked my posts. Very sad indeed. I hope she sleeps better now and I wish her and Andy all the best.
          I don't think RWB can ever use the Ignore function properly as people keep sending her screenshots anyway! Kind of defeats the porpoise...


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            Anybody who isn't Robbo?

            Not to be a tool, but I don't really give a stuff about other coaches.

            Overrated suggests you are rated, so we're really just talking about Robbo, Bennett, Bellamy and Stick there. Maybe Des Hasler as well.

            Of those I can have a bitter rant about at least two, claiming that the comp's always been rigged in their favour. End of the day I reckon Robbo's the best coach for our team and I wouldn't take any of the others.

            - Wayne can be shyte as he has NFI how to build clubs/cultures. He's a hired gun who wrecks places with one goal... winning a premiership during his tenure. His biggest strength is that he knows how to rev players up for Origin and also knows how to win a GF. You want him for big moments.
            - Bellamy's your red carpet man. He's the face of the storm and never has a bad season. However, he failed at Origin and has to be one of the least successful coaches when it comes to the percentage of GFs he's actually won.
            - Stick's a journeyman and a hot head. He's taken on a difficult club and made it better though. Won us a premiership too.
            - Des... he's a notch below the rest but I think he's a good development coach and strategic coach. A lot of quality players have come from his systems and Manly's always a threat during random seasons where they have no right to achieve anything.
            - Robbo's the best. Enough said... he's had hard seasons and hard luck but never a bad season! Never lost a grand final.


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              I am with you #13 Cleary snr is a myth as a coach.
              As Tobin says Bennett is also not just a myth but a disease. A club catches him thinking they are guaranteed a premiership but all they get is a broken club at the end
              The Internet is a place for posting silly things
              Try and be serious and you will look stupid


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                Fun Fact
                Nathan Brown is 30-82 since returning to the NRL in 2016.
                NICK TEDESCHI wraps up the week in rugby league in From The Couch. PVL Saves The Day Again Saturday loomed as a complete disaster when all three NRL games were cancelled with Queensland entering a snap lockdown. The Queensland Government acted with a heavy hand declaring no professional sport would be played for three days. […]
      ’ll be interesting to see


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                  I personally think that Ivan Cleary is a great coach.
                  His son, like Flanagan and Lam was hothoused…..but went next level.
                  I have found his communication at the top echelon of NRL coaches.
                  His work ethic is without doubt because that is who he was as a player.
                  They will probably win the comp
                  barbarian ......arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!


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                    barbarian ......arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!