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Lomax Unfollows Dragons' Instagram, Possibly a Free Agent

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    Don't know where he would fit in next season, I assume we will be going with:


    I'm quite happy with that provided they all stay fit.


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      Originally posted by Lydon View Post
      Lomax wouldn’t tie Manu’s shoe laces, a big no from me..

      Apart from goal kicking and catching bombs he is way overhyped based on Fittler calling him the Chosen one.

      He is slow when running the ball and when he steps he looks like he is stepping in quick sand.

      My Saints mate also thinks the same, no to Lomax!
      I am with you mate, great athlete but doesn't strike me as a great footballer. Not fit to tie Joey Manu's shoelaces.


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        Originally posted by bondi.boy View Post

        Seems they now don't like him, and he doesn't like them, after he wouldn't sign their Vaughan party legal document.
        Why isnt there more hype about that?
        If Lomax & Alvaro dont sign a stat deck agreeing that there was no one other than the players at Vaughans house then what does that say?
        He doesnt want to sign a Stat dec because he doesnt trust that the other 9 players wont ever come out with a different version (the truth) but he also doesnt want to give any of the players up.
        Obviously something is not right. How can this be swept under the carpet?
        Either 9 players have falsely signed Stat decs saying that no one other then them were at Vaughans house or otherwise Lomax & Alvero are hiding something.
        I dont think the Chooks will go near him.
        Originally posted by OMR;n823956
        You guys will soon be shot down by mickie lane for saying negative stuff about his much admired bunnies. So be gentle with your hatred for souffs as you might hurt his feelings too

        Originally posted by The Sack;n823995

        Watch out, you will get bombarded with gay and animal porn now. One sick individual.


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          Signed with Dragons until 2025. Maybe the coach is trying to sign another Bronco?
          The St George Illawarra Dragons have announced the long-term contract extension of Zac Lomax.
’ll be interesting to see