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    He actually said it again this year the last time we played the Riff , when asked who he supported he said his heart will always be a Rooster


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      read somewhere someone thinks freddy would like another shot at coaching in club land. if he does that may effect where zach plays.
      personally i reckon freddy's a better rep coach than a club coach.
      a lot on the line for him tomorrow night.


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        Originally posted by BUDDY View Post

        I love being the son of a legend.
        As do my son and daughter.

        I think that’s great mate.
        personally, I’ve seen a lot of tough paths for kids who try to live up to the expectations of their parents that were elite.
        more often than not it’s harder not easier in my experience
        barbarian ......arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!


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          But buddy. You ain’t elite are you?
          barbarian ......arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!


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            Originally posted by trewhella View Post
            But buddy. You ain’t elite are you?
            Without going too long on this I believe my parents are elite when it comes to parenting and I try my hardest to live up to what they have done for me and my siblings.

            But I know what you meant in terms of living up to a parent or even siblings when it comes to sporting/business achievements.

            Some cope with it and even surpass such as Cleary and as some have stated, some don't go near what their parents/siblings have achieved.


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              Originally posted by Insider View Post

              What jumper is he wearing? Does that look like a Penrith jumper to you. He has been a part of our elite pathways for 2 years.
              Freddy is clearly a rooster through and through. He is often the only one on the Sunday footy show panel defending the Roosters when the club needs to be defended.


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                I think Freddy is a genuine two team supporter. I feel like he loves us and Penrith equally. A bit like Gus he is a supporter of the game. I know that sounds cliched but I believe it.


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                  The photos in blues gear are old photos.
                  He can play, I was there that night, but I have seen dozens of kids kill it at the junior dev levels.
                  They should leave the kid alone and let him be just that a kid.
                  The Internet is a place for posting silly things
                  Try and be serious and you will look stupid


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                    As I wrote on the other thread, he looks to be an exciting prospect and hopefully we will see plenty of him in the future. I agree that Freddy is a Rooster through and through.
                    MRR or Rabid

                    Some people believe supporting the Roosters
                    is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed
                    with that attitude. I can assure you it is
                    much, much more important than that.

                    (1981 Bill Shankly quote variation)


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                      Freddy is a Rooster. Sure he prob has a soft spot for Penrith but he has publicly said many times on tv how is is a Rooster and how much he loves them. He even wears the Roosters tie on tv.

                      I actually got to ask him this question in person one night. It was the year after he had been sacked and I saw him at shark park watching us on a cold Monday night sitting with the public. Asked him how he’s going after a tough year and was shocked by his answer “ it sucked but it was the right call. Now I’m just a fan watching my team”

                      Had a photo with him and walked away thinking I Love him even more after that. Haha