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  • I wanna see it

    I wanna see Joey at 6

    High ball playing is enough to keep opposition guessing..
    his explosive short sprint and foot work will bag him plenty at 1st receiver close to the line.
    his speed out wide and his passing game will create plenty of breaks.

    My trial team for next season would be..

    1. Teddy
    2. Toops
    3. JMoz
    4. Smith
    5. BMoz
    6. Manu
    7. Keary
    8. TKO
    9. Friend
    10. Collins
    11. Boyd
    12. Angus
    13. Radley

    14. Verills
    15. JWH
    16. Liu
    17. Sitili

    18. Butcher
    19. Dan Fafita

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    He is not good enough in the ball playing department to play at 6.

    I wouldn't say he'd necessarily do a bad job, but we'd be weakening the position by having him there when there are better options.

    Not to mention the way the 6. and 7. are structured left and right in the modern game, you'd be handing him primary responsibility to create on one side of the field. Do you really think he has the skillset for that?

    Manu is either a centre, fullback or winger......nothing else based on his skillset.

    I like your forward pack though. That's exactly how i'd have it too.
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      I would have to agree about Joey at the moment.

      He would somehow have to demonstrate more in the ball playing department for mine to even be considered for number six.

      The forward and back strength generally look good, although I might possibly consider switching Butch and Sitili (the off season is long, though, and anything could still happen).
      MRR or Rabid

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      is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed
      with that attitude. I can assure you it is
      much, much more important than that.

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        I’d start with

        1. Teddy
        2. Tupou
        3. JMoz
        4. Manu
        5. BMoz
        6. Keary
        7. Lam
        8. Collins
        9. Friend
        10. SST
        11. Cordner
        12. Crichton
        13. Radley
        14. Verrills
        15. JWH
        16. Liu
        17. Tupouinua

        if it works, good. If not, changes can be made.


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          Guy can’t pass or kick yeh let’s put him at 6. Sometimes I wonder if some on here ever even watch the game.


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            No way will Manu be 6.... EVER. If he moves it will be to FB. With TEDDY at 6. It just makes sense. Teddy is brilliant in and around the ruck, speed off the mark, great passing game, scores or sets up most of his plays in close, not the greatest running fullback from deep field.

            Look at this team

            B Moz
            J Moz or Toupinua

            Fafita/ Sitili/ Butch/ Lam

            Depth Walker, Suuali??

            Rads could be our new Aubs, I think he could fill a gap in the backline if needed. Liu can cover lock or prop, Walker won't come in as a starting half straight away. If we get Suuali then the Moz boys rotate.


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              he'd need to work on his kicking.

              joey's one of those guys that if you give them early ball they can make something out of nothing so that's something to do but he's better out wide where there's more space.


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                Poor old Joey. Probably the best centre in the game and people keep wanting him to move camp.

                His forte is how hard he is to handle one on one, with his strength and skill. Best deployed one in from the flank.


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                  I don't mind the suggestion, it gets the ball into his hands more often and I think he could adapt. Having said that, with Radley back in the pack, I think we've got enough creativity in the middle and Manu becomes dangerous on the edge. So, on balance, leave him where he is.

                  I would like to see him hunt infield at times though, I think Manu cutting back on the angle, at speed could create the same danger that Wighton does for Canberra and Walker does for Souths. He seems incredibly strong and we know he is fast and agile. Something different for the defence to think about. Maybe Tedesco wrapping around behind him to give us two options on the play. That would be a nightmare to defend.