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Will not be as easy for Latrell elsewhere

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    Originally posted by crikey chris View Post

    LOL Gagai

    There are two versions of Gagai. Origin Gagai goes OK. Nrl Gagai is shit.
    Give us Doueihi, that guy is a serious player.


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      Originally posted by NorthChook View Post

      I can't see how players and staff could not feel disgruntled by him at this stage, look the boys in the US training and celebrating last year's success while Latrell is sorting himself (not that he had to do it this way, he had a year left on contract but him and his management made this all about him as soon as Nov 1 passed)

      The last few years showed that we pulled through with a close team (look at 2018 with keeping the news about cronk in-house). With an odd one out, fed up coaches and disappointed board I can't see him staying around and wasting our cap any further. If he leaves we can reward Tetevano for his loyalty and sign him, which would be a great example to the team.
      Yeah, well there's a bit of a difference between us passionate but ignorant fans who aren't in amongst it and the players. Do you have the good oil on how the players are feeling about Latrell atm? He didn't go on last year's trip either. I'm happy to leave the decision up to those in the know.

      On Latrell - I can only wish him good luck for whatever he does in the future, even if it's not at Easts - even if it's at Souths. Winning comps isn't easy and we've just won back to back. Not saying we couldn't have done it without him, but he was definitely an integral part of the side, one of our stars. For a bloke to have played for four years and for us to have won two comps in that time, well, for mine, that bloke has carte blanche. When he retires, perhaps with no other GF victories on his resume, he will be as big a Roosters hero as any of the guys from the 74-5 teams.

      If we hadn't won a comp while he was here, different story, but we've won two, and for those of us who remember the big drought between 1975 and 2002, or that between 1976 and 2012 when we won one GF from five attempts I can only say that winning the comp is a feeling like no other.

      Not saying I'm happy with the way he's conducted himself if the media reports about him talking with other teams mid-season etc are true, but I guess I don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water.

      I'll be devastated if we don't win the next half dozen or so comps. I love this feeling and want to hold on to it, but I'm not going to begrudge Latrell the chance to do it his way.


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        I'd be looking at these 2 options long before Gagai on $700k a year!

        RAIDERS – Harley Smith-Shields

        Last season’s Jersey Flegg Player of the Year has scored 18 tries in 28 games over the last two seasons in the under 20s and made strides in the NSW Cup

        The 20-year-old local junior will be looking to make his first grade debut in 2020, either at centre or on the wing.

        The Grand Finalists from last season are a tough team to crack, but if injuries strike Smith-Shields will be ready to make his mark in the NRL.

        EELS – Ethan Parry

        The young Eels centre gave us a glimpse of things to come with a try on debut against the Sea Eagles in Round 18 last season.

        The 20-year-old backed that up with another try against the Warriors the next week in his only other game of first grade to date.

        The shoulder injury to Waqa Blake could open the door for Parry to get more of an opportunity in the Eels’ 2020 campaign.


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          The Tigers just pulled their offer for Latrell, guess they also got sick of being stuffed around.


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            He's handled this pretty poorly you'd have to say.

            The bungled Souths move.


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              So that leaves us and farking souffs?


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                He must have something in the pipeline
                Once you’ve had fat, you’ll never turn back


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                  No more excuses for Latrell.

                  No more, "oooh the pooor kid, he's just being given bad advice and being taken for a ride by self serving people".

                  Bull. Shit.

                  He's a fully grown adult who is capable of making his own decisions and determining the course of his own life.

                  He's dogged us and now he's spent two weeks taking the piss out of the Tigers.

                  He's sure pissed a lot of people off in an attempt to alledgedly wind up at Souffs and he has no one to blame but himself.