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Full 2020 Draw Now Available

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    Originally posted by zac View Post
    The 'Fox Sports Lab' has declared our draw the eight toughest. probably because we're the only team who don't have to play us.
    You saying we don't even have to play us?

    Bloody rorters getting favours again..
    We play this game for all of us
    We play it from the soul!

    (Jack Gibson, 2002)


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      If we do the threepeat they'll work out some way for that to happen - with a five day turnaround.


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        The nrl has published on their site propaganda that burgearse shoulder retirement due to the infection. Also quoted greenturd as describing him as ornament to the game. Only ornament about burgearse is what he photographed and shared with young lady.

        pretty hard when nrl press is writing stories shaping the public perception regarding the injury.

        Todd Greenberg has described Sam Burgess as an "ornament to the NRL" amid growing fears the Rabbitohs enforcer will be forced into retirement by a debilitating shoulder injury.

        Written and published on behalf of the Liberal Party, Queensland


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          Originally posted by Easts75 View Post
          Purchased a silver membership a few weeks ago for our family. We travel from the Blue Mountains with our girls aged 14 &;4. Just from our point of view this draw eats ass...but that is a risk you take getting your mship before it comes out i guess
          Same here exactly.

          I am very pissed off at the draw - home games slanted to Friday nights which is my least favourite/convenient and too many "home" games away.

          I hope that my donation to the club pays off because I won't be able to get to as many games as I like.

          It could be worse I guess, I could be missing those games at Allianz.


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            Originally posted by fletch View Post
            Think its dumb to schedule the game against the Titans at the SCG for 6:15pm on a Sunday, no one is going to go and watch that.
            Only positive is that parking will be easier. Also no cues in getting overpriced beer.


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              hate be be a ticketed member. 4 games out of the first 13 rounds at home.
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                just for the curious chanel nein viewers, you will get to watch the drongos 11 times on friday night, 4 games on thurday, saturday and sundays.
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                  [QUOTE=Jacks Fur Coat;n808222]Early central coast game this season I see....wonder if we can actually win a game there?[/QUOTE

                  I certainly hope so. It would be a nice change, wouldn't it. Our record is terrible there. I hope the experiment is worth it. I wonder whether we will persist with it and, if so, for how long. I guess it makes sense to play Manly - we should make sure we get some sort of crowd up there (in addition to us, of course).
                  MRR or Rabid

                  Some people believe supporting the Roosters
                  is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed
                  with that attitude. I can assure you it is
                  much, much more important than that.

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                    Why can’t we get 6-8 Sunday games! Bloody broncos get 11 Friday nights


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                      What are you complaining about? We don’t have to play one single game against a side that finished above us.

                      It is brutal though. The end of the season is really tough.

                      But we will still win the thing again.