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  • The view from The Warren

    Cowards like Johnnysecret and Burger don't come here after they lose, so I had to visit The Warren to get an idea of how the Vermin are feeling today:

    Itís time this Book Of Feuds was burned. Gauche, childish, embarrassing and counter-productive.
    Itís had its day. No more. We are a footy club, not a ****ing vaudeville act.

    The Flash:
    Just got home, f^%k am I pissed.
    Hang your heads in shame you pack of imposters. The single most inept and impotent performance Iíve seen in many a year with the team we had at our disposal.
    Clueless f^&king halves and a fullback who should be f%^ed off to whoever wants him, I donít care if we have to pay half his salary.
    Again Reynolds and Walker shit themselves, while Keary just puts them on show for the amateurs they are.

    Proud Rabbitoh
    ​​​​​​It was masters playing the pretenders. Iím not surprised one bit by the hammering we copped. It was all there last week when the Roosters bombed putting us away in that first half when they blew at least 2 tries. They are way too classy for us. Their halves leave our halves for dead, they continually move to both sides of the play, and play with speed. When Johnston dropped that bomb in the first couple of minutes, we couldnít even defend one set of 6. Says it all really. We need some major buys to have any chance of winning a Comp in the foreseeable future. We really need to find some attacking halves, because when the crunch is onÖours offer ****ing nothing.
    Our Season is over, we canít possibly come back from this, it was just too bad a performance.
    Also in our last 3 finals games, all our points have been scored by Reynolds.
    FinallyÖRussell shove that Book of Feuds up your arse.

    ​​​​​​In back play last night I watched Cronk for a good bit when the Roosters had the ball.
    Talk about consummate professional, he was pushing players into position and barking orders at players 3 and 4 tackles in advance and Keary was watching our defence to see who was where and when on what tackle.
    Itís a stark contrast to ours, the gap is just enormous in quality.
    They werenít content in just winning they were hell bent on improving and getting the small things right, it was ridiculous to think hereís a team 16 points up in the first 20 minutes piling on the pain and still they arenít satisfied with their performance.
    This my friends is the difference.

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    They sound surprisingly realistic - can't disagree with any of them!



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