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Team List vs Panthers Round 24

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  • Team List vs Panthers Round 24

    Latrell Mitchell returns to the side this week, while Billy Smith shuffles to the reserves.

    Captain Boyd Cordner has been named on the extended bench and is in contention to make his return to the field.

    For the first time this season, Asu Kepaoa has been named in the reserves and will train with the first grade squad ahead of kick off. (they say this but he isn't actually named in the reserves...)

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Daniel Tupou
    3. Latrell Mitchell
    4. Joseph Manu
    5. Brett Morris
    6. Luke Keary
    7. Cooper Cronk (c)
    8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
    9. Sam Verrills
    10. Isaac Liu
    11. Angus Crichton
    12. Mitchell Aubusson
    13. Victor Radley
    14. Lindsay Collins
    15. Zane Tetevano
    16. Nat Butcher
    17. Siosiua Taukeiaho
    18. Billy Smith
    19. Sitili Tupouniua
    20. Drew Hutchison
    21. Boyd Cordner (c)

    Bears vs Mounties Sat - last round, must win to guarantee 4th spot
    Sitili and Poasa named, Ikavalu out injured. Imagine Smith may return but may be rested as a back up for 1st grade. Same for collins

    1. Kieran Moss
    2. Asu Kepaoa
    3. Edward Murphy
    4. James Tuitahi
    5. Bernard Lewis
    6. Lachlan Lam
    7. Drew Hutchison
    8. Poasa Faamausili
    9. Bradley Deitz
    10. Max Bailey
    11. Sitili Tupouniua
    12. Thomas Freebairn (c)
    13. Jerry Key
    15. Elih Jackson
    16. Benjamin Thomas
    17. Egan Butcher
    18. John Tuivaiti
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    With Isaah Yeo ruled out due to a shoulder injury, 20-year-old forward Billy Burns will make his NRL debut as Panther No.592.

    Born in Parkes, Burns has progressed through the grades at Panthers since joining the club's premiership-winning SG Ball side in 2016.

    Jarome Luai is on the bench after making his return from an eye injury in last week's Canterbury Cup match while Josh Mansour is still sidelined with a back injury.

    1. Dylan Edwards
    2. Stephen Crichton
    3. Dean Whare
    4. Brent Naden
    5. Brian To'o
    6. James Maloney
    7. Nathan Cleary
    8. James Tamou
    9. Mitch Kenny
    10. Moses Leota
    11. Viliame Kikau
    12. Liam Martin
    13. James Fisher-Harris
    14. Jarome Luai
    15. Spencer Leniu
    16. William Burns
    17. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
    18. Wayde Egan
    19. Sione Katoa
    20. Hame Sele
    21. Malakai Watene-Zelezniak


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      Still no Ryan Hall ….


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        Originally posted by zac View Post
        Still no Ryan Hall ….
        Presumably Morris is #1 pick?

        I was reading a trash tabloid yesterday while having a coffee and it suggested Morris wants to play footy next year (Roosters or elsewhere - he is keen).


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          Hall must still be injured - would have guessed he would have a run for the bears if fit


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            He's signed with us, so hopefully he stays. Yeah, he's probably in front of Hall at this stage, but it would be nice to have options.


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              Panthers team update:
              Apparently Mitch Kenny was injured at training today holding his arm in discomfort - club is saying for now he is ok to play this weekend but he didn't look good in the photos


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                Originally posted by ism22 View Post

                Presumably Morris is #1 pick?

                I was reading a trash tabloid yesterday while having a coffee and it suggested Morris wants to play footy next year (Roosters or elsewhere - he is keen).
                My god you talk some rubbish. He is signed for 19-20.


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                  Hearing Boyd has pulled out again


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                    What’s the chances of Asu Kepaoa getting a run for Dan?
                    Once you’ve had fat, you’ll never turn back


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                      Whispers Keary may not play as his wife is due
                      Red, White and Bluesters!!!


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                        Trent just said Big Boyd’s out
                        Once you’ve had fat, you’ll never turn back


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                          Boyd Cordner's comeback from a calf injury has been delayed another week after the Roosters skipper was ruled out of Saturday's clash with Penrith at the SCG.

                          Roosters coach Trent Robinson on Friday said Cordner would join fellow co-captain Jake Friend in the stands on Saturday night but was confident the team would roll with the punches.


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                            With Cords out, we have no power.
                            We play this game for all of us
                            We play it from the soul!

                            (Jack Gibson, 2002)


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                              Originally posted by Jacks Fur Coat View Post
                              With Cords out, we have no power.
                              We did just fine without him last week and we’ll do fine without him this week. Angus takes his spot on the left edge again and it’s all good.