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Official Match Day Thread: Roosters v Raiders

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  • Official Match Day Thread: Roosters v Raiders

    No excuses about missing players. There’s enough strike power to beat these pretenders! JWH needs a big game and Angus needs to keep up last weeks form. It’s time to cement top 2.

    Go Roosters!

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    not confident, but hopeful. head says raiders by 8, heart says the esdrlfc by 12.
    go chooks.


    • #3
      Roosters 13+
      Red, White and Bluesters!!!


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        If the refereeing is fair...every forward pass pulled back, including those by the Raiders.(unlike in their last match.)
        Our legitimate passes not called forward, ...calling them forward robs us of momentum and tries.
        Raiders players not allowed to flop on our tackled players, hold them down, rough them up in tackles, hit them in the head, and hit them late/high.
        Then we're in with a chance.
        We need to play mistake-free footy.
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          Could go either way, whoever wins it’ll be by 2.


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            Originally posted by mattyh View Post
            not confident, but hopeful. head says raiders by 8, heart says the esdrlfc by 12.
            go chooks.
            I second this today.

            Big shout out to the Roosters faithful attending the game. You guys deserve a good show.

            May the best team win.
            To our fans we tell you
            If you have not been told
            We play this game for all of us
            We play it from the soul!

            (Jack Gibson, 2002)


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              I think they may pull this off today the Roosters.
              Go the Chooks.
              Originally posted by Chook;n805564
              Why the fark anyone takes any notice of modern media is beyond me. It's all click bait populist crap aimed at the lowest common denominator.



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                Easts by 24.


                • #9
                  I want a good game from both sides with a Roosters win by 10.

                  So many good matchups accross the park.
                  Build the wall. Keep the Drug Lords out!


                  • #10
                    I also think we’ll win this. Go Easts!!!
                    Making Steve Naughton look like Vince Mellars...


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                      Whats the bet that Latrell will be out to terrorise Jack Whiton ???
                      Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe


                      • #12
                        FINAL SQUAD
                        1. James Tedesco
                        2. Daniel Tupou
                        3. Latrell Mitchell
                        4. Joseph Manu
                        5. Brett Morris
                        6. Luke Keary
                        7. Cooper Cronk (c)
                        8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
                        9. Sam Verrills
                        15. Zane Tetevano
                        11. Angus Crichton
                        12. Mitchell Aubusson
                        13. Victor Radley
                        10. Isaac Liu
                        14. Nat Butcher
                        16. Poasa Faamausili
                        17. Sitili Tupouniua


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                          C'mon the Chookies us by 12


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                            At the moment, half an hour before kick off, the weather is better than I thought. Sunny but a bit chilli.

                            I have yet to experience a win down here driving down here for nearly a decade. A win will make the 3 1/2 hour trip home more bearable.

                            Easts by 1


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                              Raiders should be too good in the conditions down there. We can't beat them there against weaker raider teams than this one.

                              Let's hope we are not smashed and at least keep this close.

                              Raiders 1-12

                              But Go Easts.
                              Who said 13 was an unlucky number? 13th Premiership in yr 13 on our 100th anniversary of our 1913 premiership.