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More Penalties Needed

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  • More Penalties Needed

    If a player has been tackled and is starting to rise to his feet to play the ball, and is genuinely pushed down again, the player doing the pushing down should be penalised every time.
    Not some of the time, not only when the refs feel like it, not because the penalty count is deemed to be too high and the "there are too many penalties" brigade might start whining.

    If a player is on the ground, standing up, sitting up etc and his face/head is being attacked, the attacker should be penalised every time.

    If teams are lying all over opposition players in tackles they should be penalised every time.

    I've lost count of the number of players who have been tackled around the face/head...with no penalty given.

    Time things changed.

    "The game is not flowing, there are too many penalties"...tough bikkies.

    Referees must be held to account.

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    The solution is simple. Penalise the first infringement, sin-bin the next.