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    Originally posted by Thirteen View Post
    I cannot help but like these guys. They seem Manly boys through and through. I canít see them playing for another club. The Stewart brothers were good. These two are even better.
    Yep, doesnít seem to be a bad word spoken about them, and even on field they seem like good blokes, exactly what a club would want from their players.


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      They are great players and from all reports stellar humans. But they will be one club players unless Manly completely stuff up, well I guess it could be on the cards
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        Originally posted by Rooster_6 View Post
        No thanks.

        Teddy is our future fullback and a combo of Radley/Butcher will be our future at lock. I see no reason to sign marquee players in those positions.

        With any left over money we have I would start locking up a lot of our talent who will be on the open market in 3 months;

        - Luke Keary 27yo (due a massive upgrade - will be a million dollar contract if not more due to demand elsewhere.)

        - Nat Butcher 22yo (due a big extension, prodigious youngster starting to realise his potential. There will be competition for his signature and a decent pay increase will be required.)

        - Jake Friend 29yo (critical to our success, no clear back up option in the ranks can't afford to lose. 4th best dummy half in the game, there will be interest from other clubs trying to rebuild their culture and standards. Will be a slight upgrade on last contract.)

        - Joey Manu 23yo (2nd best centre in the game and now a potential fullback option for some clubs. Clubs will be keep driving up Latrell's price to blindside us with a big offer for him. For that reason must be one of the first re-signings)

        - Latrell Mitchell 22yo (best centre in the game, our most marketable player since Minichiello. A must re-sign for him. Talks of million dollar contracts are normal media hype but he will cost us a lot to retain.)

        - Siosiua Taukeiaho 27yo (The best prop in the game at the moment, due a massive upgrade. Only just hit 100 games has plenty of footy in front of him. Arguably the most influential middle after Taumalolo, wouldn't be surpised if opposition clubs offer ridiculous money for him.)

        - Jared Warea Hargreaves 30yo (Suggestions of him looking to settle is ridiculous imo. He's going as good as he ever has. His experience and influence on our next gen and passion for the club is not something we should let go. He may not even ask for an upgrade on his contract but I think it's vital that we re-sign.)

        That's where the money should be going.
        Best post by far, makes plenty of sense and should be used as the basis for future cap spendings.